Revival in workers’ militancy

There are increasing signs of a world-wide revival of the class struggle. In the last issue of World Revolution we wrote about the wave of strikes that has swept across Egypt in recent months, where workers have shown a very high level of class solidarity. In May/June we have seen, among other things: Buenos Aires metro workers holding general assemblies and organising a strike against a pay deal agreed by their own union; new spontaneous walk-outs in three Airbus plants in Germany against the threatened job cuts (these follow similar strikes at Airbus France); further wildcats by Italian airport workers, Canadian transport workers, and a whole number of sectors in Zimbabwe, where workers are demanding pay rises in the face of a level of inflation that means nothing short of starvation.

Brazil: air traffic controllers in struggle

"We have reached the limits of human endurance, we are in no fit condition to maintain this service, which is of great importance to this country, given the way we are managed and treated. WE HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN OUR EQUIPMENT, OR IN THOSE WHO MANAGE US! We are working with rifles pointed at us.." This is how the air traffic controllers of Brasilia, Curitiba, Manaos and Salvador, dramatically expressed themselves in a Manifesto, before paralysing the services from midday Friday 30 March, by calling a hunger strike and shutting themselves into their workplaces, in order to put pressure on the Aeronautical Command, the military organ responsible for air traffic control in Brazil.

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