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Kent Communists discuss the ‘Anti-Parliamentary’ Tradition in Britain

This report has been written by our close sympathiser Mark Hayes whose book was the basis for the presentation given to the meeting. As the report makes clear, the Kent Communist Group is a very welcome sign of a growing interest in revolutionary politics in the UK as elsewhere.

Hands off Sylvia Pankhurst!

What do the following have in common: a former Labour MP and local mayor; celebrity academic Germaine Greer, author of feminist classic The Female Eunuch; and the Ethiopian ambassador to London? They were all speakers at a recent event to celebrate the life of Sylvia Pankhurst as a "crusader, artist and feminist"!

Review of ‘The British Communist Left’

There has been a continuous revolutionary trend within the working class in Britain from the Chartist movement in the early 19th century through the First World War, the revolutionary wave that followed and, to a lesser extent, the Second World War and after. A new book, The British Communist Left, published by the ICC, makes a major contribution to the history of the revolutionary movement in Britain in the 20th century.

Reply to the SPGB's review of ‘The British Communist Left’

The SPGB in its review of the British Communist Left (Socialist Standard 1213, September 2005) shows that it has understood nothing of the question of revolutionary organisation, even after 100 years of existence. Less than half of the review actually deals with the book; the rest is an attack on the ICC. The article as a whole seeks to dismiss the communist left, yesterday and today, as irrelevant.

Just published! The Russian and British Communist Lefts

The International Communist Current traces its origins to the unyielding struggle, against terrible odds and hardship, of the Left Communist groups who refused to accept both the outright counter-revolution of Stalinism, and the inadequate resistance to Stalinism undertaken by Trotsky and the Left Opposition.

The long night of the counter-revolution that followed the defeat of the proletarian power in Russia during the 1920s, meant that the Left Communists were reduced to small groups without any influence in the mass of the working class. But their efforts to understand the conditions of both the victory of the revolution in 1917, and its later defeat, are the only foundations on which a new, world wide political organisation of the working class can be built.

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