Golden Dawn

Greece: Democracy and Fascism need each other

The stabbing of Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas in September by a self-confessed member of Golden Dawn has led to a wave of official actions against the neo-nazi party. Members, deputies and its leader have been arrested on charges of belonging to a criminal organisation, following the lifting of its parliamentary immunity. Individuals have been charged with murder, attempted murder, sex trafficking, money laundering, benefit and tax fraud. Its state funding has been suspended. Witnesses have given evidence of the involvement of the party in attacks on immigrants, extortion and arms smuggling.

UKIP: looking for scapegoats

Ukip, we are told, is outside this stale establishment, it’s a party of protest, and Nigel Farage is supposed to be a good bloke who likes his ale and a laugh down the pub. But the idea that a party which stands for the ‘independence of Britain’ is outside the political status quo is patently ridiculous: Farage can say "sod the lot" to the three main parties, but when push comes to shove he's with them all the way down the line.

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