General Assemblies

Occupy Zurich: When the movement becomes exhausted

Our comrades in Switzerland share here some experiences drawn from their participation in Occupy’s activities in Zurich. Despite a convergent tendency at the international level to focus (often in a very restricted fashion) on the “world of finance”, some quite diverse experiences unfolded in different countries, deserving to be taken up at the international level. And these happened when disillusionment within the Occupy movement was clearly appearing throughout.


Occupy LSX Evicted: Reflections on the Occupy Movement in Britain

With the recent eviction of the Occupy LSX camp, it seems that the Occupy movement in the UK, for the time being, is winding down. In truth, a movement which was generally ‘against capitalism’ without reference to a specific struggle, would have difficulty maintaining itself. This is not to say that these occupations are useless, far from it. But we have to recognise their limitations.

Towards general assemblies in India

Up to 100 million workers were involved in a one day strike in India on 28 February. A strike that hit a number of sectors across the country was hailed by some as one of the world’s biggest ever strikes. However, the demands, as put forward by the unions, all make the assumption that the capitalist government of India is capable of responding to the needs of other classes.

Occupy London: the weight of illusions

“Occupy London stands together with occupations all over the world; we are the 99%. We are a peaceful non-hierarchical forum. We’re in agreement that the current system is undemocratic and unjust. We need alternatives; you are invited to join us in debate and developing them; to create a better future for everyone.”  A comrade of WR recently visited both occupied sites in London.

What is a General Assembly?

General Assemblies (GA) are the lifeblood of the struggle. This is where workers (from the private and public sectors, the unemployed, pensioners, students, children of working families etc.) can really take ownership of their struggles, decide collectively. This is the true place of workers' democracy. By being open to all, not limited by corporatism, the GA unites the various sectors of our class. It’s the place where the life of the struggle can be built and the struggles extended.

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