Rejecting the notion of decadence...

A series of articles replying to Programma Communista and the IBRP on the dangers of rejecting the notion of the decadence of capitalism.

Rejecting the notion of Decadence, Part 3

The future world Communist Party, the new International, will be built on political positions, which will supersede the mistakes, inadequacies, or unresolved questions of the old party, the Communist International. This is why it is vital that the organisations that claim their origins in the Communist Left continue to debate together. We consider that the decadence of capitalism is fundamental among these positions.

Rejecting the notion of Decadence, Part 2

The Bordigist current is undoubtedly part of the proletarian camp. On a certain number of essential questions it defends the principles of the Communist Left, which led the fight against the degeneration of the 3rd International in the 20s and which, after its exclusion from the latter, continued the battle in the terrible conditions of the counter-revolution for the defence of the historic interests of the working class. This is particularly true concerning the question of the imperialist war.

Rejecting the notion of Decadence, Part 1

In numbers 90, 91, and 92 of the review Programme Communiste, published by the International Communist Party (which also publishes the papers Il Comunista in Italian and Le Proletaire in French) , there is a long study on ‘Imperialist war in the bourgeois cycle and in marxist analysis’, which conveys this organisation’s conception of this vitally important issue for the workers’ movement. The fundamental political positions that these articles affirm constitute a clear defence of proletarian principles faced with all the lies spread around by the various agents of the ruling class. However, some of the theoretical developments upon which these principles are based, and the predictions that follow from them, are not always equal to the statements of principle and run the risk of weakening rather than reinforcing them.
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