Party and Fraction in the Marxist tradition

At its foundation, the ICC's political principles as laid out in its Platform represented a synthesis of the different left fractions that had left, or been expelled from, the Third International. Organisationally however, the ICC looked above all to the experience of the Italian Fraction, and in particular to its conception of the Fraction as a "bridge" between an old Party which had failed or betrayed, and a new Party which must necessarily be created by the working class if its revolution is to be successful.

The Italian Left, 1922-1937

The Italian Fraction, founded in the Paris suburb of Pantin in 1928 by a group of militants in exile, saw itself explicitly as taking on the task of educating militants in preparation for the time when the rebirth of class struggle after the defeat of the 1917 Russian Revolution would reach a point when the creation of a new Party - a new International - would be both possible and necessary.

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