New ICC publications for the month for March / 2018

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Articles published this month

Massacres in Syria, refugees in the Mediterranean: Capitalism is war, poverty and barbed wire

Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 10:21

On the one hand, incessant, murderous wars, whole regions bombarded, terrible massacres of the population. On the other hand, barbed wire fences, walls, boats hunting down migrants and camps set up for the tens of thousands of people trying to flee the destruction of their homes, from misery and starvation. Eastern Ghouta in Syria, to the east of Damascus, is once again at the epicentre of the bloody conflicts raging across the planet. Like others, especially those in other parts of the Middle East, this conflict is dominated by an imperialist free-for-all. This is a war of each against all, implicating both global powers and regional states. It is an expression of the historic dead-end reached by the capitalist system.

Leaflet of the group Yeryuzu Postasi on the Turkish military assault on Afrin: For an international struggle against capitalist division and war

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 11:34

We welcome this declaration in the leaflet from Yeryuzu Postasi, an anarchist group in Turkey, which is made in the clear spirit of internationalism and the working class. If we make some comments and ask questions, that is engage in debate, we do so in the same spirit and not at all in the sense of "having a go" but because in the face of such tragic and complex events the greatest clarity is needed.

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