Address to the proletarian milieu and the working class (GPI, Mexico)

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We are publishing here the communiqué from the Grupo Proletaria Internacionalista from Mexico concerning the aggression to which they were subjected by elements coming from the decomposition of leftism. We entirely agree with the positions developed in it and affirm our total solidarity with the GPl. At a time when workers are more and more developing their struggles on a class terrain, against the attacks on their living conditions, against wage cuts and wage freezes, against redundancies, and this in all countries including the less developed ones; at a time when these struggles are more and more openly calling into question the authority of the unions; at a time when a resolutely internationalist proletarian political milieu is beginning to develop, defending the necessity for massive proletarian struggles and denouncing as bourgeois practices any form of trade unionism, of nationalism or terrorism - at this time, the 'leftism' which came out of the 'guerrillas' .and the 'national liberation struggles' which dominated political life in Latin America from the end of the 60s shows its true face. Not only has this 'radical' ideology of the petty bourgeoisie, with its advocacy of terrorism, never called into question the state rule of the bourgeoisie: yesterday's impotent acts of terrorism against the state are now being converted directly into an indispensable instrument of this state against the real communist groups, against the immediate and the general interests of the proletariat. Thus, just a few months since the appearance of Revolucion Mundial, publication of the GPI, and in particular no. 2 denouncing the bourgeois character of this leftist ideology and the impasse for the proletariat of guerillaism and radical terrorism, the response has been organized, using the methods of bourgeois violence and state terror against proletarian elements: torture, theft, intimidation, etc.

Proletarian political groups, and with them the working class as a whole, must express their solidarity with the GPl without any reservations.

Communique of the Grupo Proletaria Internacionalista (Mexico)

To the international communist milieu,
To the world working class,

On Tuesday 9 February 1988, the state terror to which capital subjects the working class and its revolutionary forces all over the world manifested itself this time in the acts of gangsterism and repression which the GPI suffered at the hands of one of the residual bands of leftist terrorism in this country.

The counter-revolutionary character of the guerrilla and terrorist groups has a pernicious history in this region of the world(as in the rest of Latin America and elsewhere):

- as one of the expressions of the desperate, hopeless activities of the urban and rural petty bourgeoisie, it dominated the social scene of the country from the mid-60s until the early 70s, disseminating within the working class, with different nuances, the reactionary ideology of capital;

- as a direct or indirect instrument of capital when the first signs of the reawakening of the proletariat appeared in the region - around 1973 - it propagated within the workers' struggles the counter-revolutionary ideology of terror, facilitating the state's repressive work;

- today, when all that remains of the terrorist and guerrilla groups are some caricature-like residues and mere gangs of thieves; when for several years the working class in this country has been integrating itself into the struggle against capital which is being carried out by its class brothers all over the world; now, when a real revolutionary political presence is beginning to be formed in the region in the face of great difficulties; now, the ghost of 'guerrillaism' and 'terrorism' is beginning to stir, with the state making a much more direct use of these decomposing groups against the working class and its revolutionary forces.

One of these groups has attacked a number of militants of the GPI, torturing them and stealing from the group printing material, political documents, propaganda of the communist milieu and the official papers of comrades. This is the response of this band to the political denunciation of the counter-revolutionary role
of terrorism and guerrillaism which the GPI made in its publication Revolucion Mundial; this is the way these bands will continue to work in the future, in direct or indirect collaboration with capital's work of repression.

Faced with the action of this band and with actions related to it which may take place in the future, which in accord with the reality of the class struggles constitute an attack against the proletariat, against its emerging revolutionary forces in this country and against the whole international communist milieu, and which are entirely within the logic of state terrorist activity, the GPI:

1) reiterates its denunciation of the counter-revolutionary role of terrorism and the guerrillas and its warning to the working class against the activity of these individuals and their attempts to lead it into the dead-end of
minoritarian violence(by groups or individuals);

2) denounces the use to which these individuals or the state may put the political documents of the GPI and the whole international communist milieu in order to intensify the climate of state repression against the working class and its revolutionary forces;

3) affirms that the GPI has nothing to do with the frightened advocates of 'democratic' pacifism or with the desperate petty bourgeois or déclassé elements who make the cult of minority terrorist violence the centre of their existence; the GPI bases its revolutionary activity on the conviction that the only force capable of opposing the reactionary violence of the capitalist state is the working class in the exertion .of its struggle and of its own revolutionary violence.

Grupo Proletaria Internacionalista.
Mexico, 15 February, 1988



Grupo Proletaria Internacionalista, Mexico