UK: divisions in the ruling class

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Faced with the growing dissension within the ruling class, and the Tory party in particular, in response to negotiations around Brexit, it is useful to take a step or two back and examine the historical roots of some of these divisions. The two articles published on this page both aim to show that the divisions are not merely the result of Brexit, but derive from the decline of British imperialism over a far longer period. The article ‘Britain: the ruling class divided’ is part of a longer piece published online  ( which also emphasises that sharpening divisions within the capitalist class are a product of the present phase of the historic and world-wide decline of capitalism – the phase of decomposition in which the watchword of the ruling class has increasingly become “every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost”. The other piece, written by a close sympathiser, looks at the symbolic use of the figure of Winston Churchill in order to understand the increasingly delusional world view of parts of the British ruling class.