Homage to comrade José

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We have recently heard of the death of José Ferran, an anarchist militant, a Spanish political refugee in the wake of the war in Spain between 1936 and 1939. We want to pay homage to this fighter of the working class, because, although he had deep disagreements with some of our political positions, he still maintained contact with the ICC for 30 years, taking part in our public forums and discussing with us at the Wazemmes market in Lille[1]. It's there that we saw him in public for the last time: at the age of 95, he came to buy our paper Révolution Internationale, which he did nearly every month, taking the opportunity to hold long discussion with us, especially about those of our positions that annoyed him the most, in particular the question of the state. The ICC militants who knew him will not forget these intense verbal jousts, these animated but always fraternal discussions with a sincere comrade who was so profoundly attached to his class. 

[1] Later José had to go into a retirement home, and when we visited him there, he complained a lot about the residents' lack of political discussion and concerns!


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