A great loss to the ICC: death of our comrade Jerry Grevin

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It is with the greatest sorrow that we have to inform our readers of the death of comrade Jerry Grevin (who also published under the initials JG) in the United States. He suffered from a sudden heart attack on the afternoon of Thursday February 11th and died immediately. For all the comrades, this comes as a terrible shock and especially for our American comrades who worked with him on a daily basis.

Many comrades have known comrade Jerry for more than 30 years and know his profound commitment and dedication to the cause of communism which began in his youth through his very active participation in the anti-Vietnam war movement, before he joined the ICC in the 1970s. In the ICC, the comrade has been at the heart of the life of the American section, including during the difficult period the ICC went through during the 1990's, and he has been a driving and enthusiastic force in the recent development of our contacts in the United States. All the comrades who knew Jerry also remember his zest for life and his sense of humour in the face of all the difficulties that life inevitably brings. The loss of comrade Jerry is not only a loss for the American section, it is a terrible loss for the whole ICC and for our class.

We will be publishing a longer tribute to the comrade in our press shortly. In the meantime we want to communicate our solidarity to all Jerry’s comrades, family and friends and our determination to carry on with the revolutionary work he believed in so passionately.