‘New South America’: an old lie in new bottles

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The bourgeois journal Le Monde Diplomatique has published an article titled "The New South America",  saluting the coming to power of the left of capital in El Salvador (Mauricio Funes of the FMLN won the presidential elections) and its alliance with other leftist governments headed by Chavez and others. Throughout the world the left  tries to deceive the masses by presenting these governments as an alternative for the workers. This is clearly a typical vile lie of the bourgeoisie and their leftist servants aimed at subjecting the proletariat to the capitalist yoke.

Faced with the situation of crisis  the bourgeoisie has seen the need to use a "new" image, which is not really so new in order to hide the responsibility of the whole decadent capitalist system for leading humanity into barbarism - to obscure the real meaning of the world economic crisis by blaming it on a fraction of the bourgeoisie. These capitalist propagandists are making full use of the rise of bourgeoisie fractions coming from the "left" in order to make them look like an alternative. As if the crisis was one of "Neo-Liberalism", and  as if the implementation of new forms of the state capitalist model are going to resolve a profound problem which has its roots in capitalism, which ever guise it takes. Calling it "neo" doesn't change the fact it is the same old liberalism . It is faced with the increasingly greater contradictions of a society divided into classes. These "left" governments are weapons of the international bourgeoisie for sedating the masses, diverting them from the autonomous struggle for a real social revolution. The left is nothing more than the left of capital, it is a new garrotte for repressing workers who question class oppression and look for international solidarity.

Those models of capitalism based on state planning of the economy, on state intervention to save the interests of business, on the nationalization of exploitation, are nothing but variants of capitalism, and state capitalists are just as much oppressors as private capitalists. For example we already know about the model of the "New Deal", the Stalinst Soviet Union, Fascism and Nazism, etc, etc, all models that have secured the interests of the bourgeoisie, defending capitalist class relations, and Chavez, Lula, Morales etc are doing nothing different from this.

Obviously the article is published in a bourgeois newspaper, which behind its left image defends its class interests. While in Europe the left has been integrated into government for many decades, in order to facilitate its oppression of the worker, in Latin America this process is relatively new. The oldest bourgeoisies on the planet are seeking to revitalise the rhetoric that they use  to oppress the working class, so that capitalism can be "humanised". The "New South America" is nothing more than a new form for telling the same old lies to the workers, with the aim of creating confidence in the national struggle, in the "reform" of capitalism, in the electoral process. In general they seek to revitalise the false idea that the interests of the proletariat are the same as  those of the bourgeoisie.

For the bourgeoisie, its only interest is to continue living off the labour of the working class, whilst for the working class its only interest can be to free itself from the yoke of capitalism, from the exploitation of man by man, whether it be called "Socialism for the 21st century" or whatever. Real Socialism is only possible through an international revolutionary process, a process where the working class must make use of its strength and unity, its independent organisation from the bourgeoisie, its revolutionary violence.

"South America has been transformed into the most progressive region on earth. Where more changes are being produced in favour of the popular classes and where more structural reforms are being adopted  in order to break free from dependency and under-development ". This quote from the article exactly reflects the rhetoric that capital needs in order to continue with its exploitation, in order to create false expectations that capitalism can in some way improve  workers' lives. This  rhetoric is shared by the whole of the left of capital, who support the governments of Chavez and company, albeit critically as the Trotsykists do. This stabs the workers in the back and tries to confuse the working class,  in order to divide it. They have to use  this apparently revolutionary, socialist or communist rhetoric in order to eradicate the exploited class's hopes of advancing towards a really communist society. This society will have to form itself through confronting all the enemies of the proletariat, the whole of the international bourgeoisie, by confronting Chavez and all of his ideology. The real foundation for this is the proletariat's conscious understanding of the need for it to  break with all these falsifiers and flatterers of parliament, of the national struggle, of the unions, in order that it can arm itself against all the traps that capitalism will erect and carry out the international revolutionary process, which is the only answer to capital's crisis, wars and poverty.

Juan K. 19/4/9


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