Statement from Internasyonalismo as the new section of ICC in the Philippines

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War or revolution. Barbarism or socialism. In our epoch, these are the only choices facing the international proletarian movement.

Because we choose revolution and socialism, we chose to integrate ourselves into the ICC. To make the world proletarian revolution a reality and to achieve communism, communists must have an organization which is world-wide in scope and level. Most of all, an organization which has a clear and coherent Marxist platform.

We have undergone a long, serious and collective process of theoretical clarification basing itself on the experience of the international workers' movement and on our own experience in the Philippines as militants within the proletarian movement. This is not easy for us considering that there has been no left-communist influence in the Philippines for over 80 years. For almost a century, it is inculcated in our minds and to the entire workers' movement that Stalinism-Maoism is the "theory of communism".

For us, the most important thing is theoretical clarification and discussion for the regroupment of revolutionaries. Numbers in an organization are useless unless it is based on a clear and strong theoretical foundation from more than 200 years experience of the proletariat around the world.

It is a leap for revolutionary minorities on the understanding of the theory of decadent capitalism in order to firmly uphold the living Marxism in the epoch of imperialism. The theory of decadence is the foundation of why we are convinced that the ICC is the most correct and has the most steadfast Marxist platform in line with the actual evolution of capitalism and in summing-up the lessons of the practice of the international proletariat for more than two centuries.

However, the ICC's platform is not a dead platform. It is a living platform tested in the actual and dynamics of class struggle and evolution of capitalism. That is why it is very important the continuing and widespread internal debate not only inside the ICC but also within the proletarian camp in general. We witness how the ICC uphold and practice this.

Our understanding of left-communism might not as deep as in our comrades in Europe where the longest and richest experienced proletarian class resides. But we are confident that our theoretical clarification is enough to integrate in an international communist organization.

As a new section of a unified and centralized international organization - ICC - continuing living discussions and debates among communists to analyze and study the crucial questions for the advancement of the world communist revolution would be more organized, centralized and widespread. Most of all, the interventions of revolutionary minorities would be more effective.

We know that we will confront a high risk in the Philippines because we firmly uphold internationalism and communist revolution. Both the Right and Left of the bourgeoisie in the Philippines, with their own armed organizations, hate the Marxist revolutionaries because we are a barrier to their mystifications to divert the struggles of the Filipino proletariat away from international proletarian revolution. Left-communists are mortal enemy of all the factions of the Filipino bourgeoisie.

This is the challenge for the internationalist-communists in the Philippines: surmount all difficulties and continue the theoretical clarification, interventions in the workers' struggles in the Philippines and relate with all the communist comrades in other countries, especially in Asia.

We want also to convey our whole-hearted greetings to the comrades in Turkey (EKS) in their integration to the ICC as the new section in that country. The formation of the two new sections of ICC in the Philippines and Turkey in times where the system is in its very deep crisis and there are widespread resistance of the working class is the concrete indication that elements and groups around the world searching for revolutionary alternative to the decadent and decomposing capitalism are growing; elements who are conscious of the deceptions and mystifications of nationalism, democracy, parliamentarism and unionism.


Pebrero 13, 2009.

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