DELHI BOMBINGS: Capitalist states, leaders and terrorists are all killers

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Decadent world capitalist system – the real breeding ground of increasing wars and terrorism

Working masses in shopping mood on the eve of the biggest festival of the year in Delhi, the capital of the Indian bourgeoisie witnessed with horror and shock the same barbarous repetition of heinous crime. Terrorist bombs exploded almost simultaneously in two crowded market places and in a bus stop in the evening of 29th October. According to preliminary reports 60 persons including children have died so far in this heart rending, grossly abominable act of the ever rising heights of barbarism. About two hundred persons have been injured, some of them very seriously. Common masses of people have been terrorized and panic stricken.

As usual the prime minister and the political leaders of the Indian bourgeoisie are pointing the accusing finger at the terrorist groups based in neighboring Pakistan. Thus they are trying to fully utilize this inhuman criminal act to score a point over their nearest imperialist rival on the one hand and trying to mobilize the working class and the exploited people for the defense of their democracy and national integrity on the other. The bourgeoisie is also trying its best to project itself as their real protector.

Victims of this terrorist attack are not the Bushes, Blairs, Putins, Chiracs, Monmohans or Musharofs but the working class and exploited masses of people as everywhere in the world whether it is in the World Trade Center or the trains in Madrid, or the London tube or Beslan school or streets of Bangladesh, or Bali or Sharm el Sheikh or Mumbai or Delhi. They are the principal victims of cyclones, tsunami, hurricane Katrina, floods and earthquakes. These very people have died and are dying in their thousands in the imperialist world wars and the ever increasing imperialist wars of today and their latest incarnation the ‘war against terrorism’.

Political leaders of the left hand or right hand of capital (all the leftist and rightist parties without any exception) are never lacking in a colorful show of sympathy and concern for the sufferings of the affected people. Here also the prime minister and other ministers and political leaders are full to the brim with ‘love, sympathy and concern’. World leaders from Bush, Blair, Putin to Musharof have expressed their ‘profound’ grief and sympathy for the victims and their families and condemned this terrorist attack in the strongest words. The Indian prime minister has described it as ‘dastardly acts’ and ‘nefarious designs of terrorist elements’. They have denounced it as a crime against humanity. This latest terrorist act is, of course, a most barbarous crime against humanity. But these very self righteous leaders and the capitalist states and governments they lead are the most powerful, organized and inhuman terrorists and they are directly associated with the most barbarous massacre of hundreds of thousands of the masses of common innocent people in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afganistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Chechnia, Rwanda etc., in the pursuit of sordid imperialist interest of the national capital they have pledged to defend. It is perfectly like the pot calling the kettle black. They have no other way but to resort to more barbarous killing in the present international situation of intensifying imperialist conflict. They cannot but defend their capitalist class interest through the ideological weapon of democracy, freedom, national liberation, integrity and defense. They are all very busy in focusing the attention of the masses of working class and exploited people on their humanitarian credentials. All this mystification, they believe, is indispensable for the existence of the decadent capitalist system. This political necessity is in essence at the root of their relief and rescue work which they can not but resort to because in its total absence their very survival will be at stake.

Their real concern is never the protection of the working class and exploited people. But it is in essence the protection of profit, the system of capitalist exploitation and repression and those at the helm of the capitalist state. Their sole concern is the protection of the interest of national capital or bourgeoisie. This is why they are sending hundreds of thousands of workers in uniform to massacre each other in imperialist wars and intensifying attacks on the living and working conditions of the working class and repressing the working class movements with brutal police and military attacks everywhere in the world. A few months back the struggling Honda workers in the vicinity of Delhi were most barbarously repressed. The ‘humanitarian’ leaders turn into savage barbarians whenever confronting the struggle of the working class against exploitation and repression. This barbarian reality of the ‘humanitarian leaders’ were fully exposed in the railway strike of 1974 and in the Swadeshi cotton mill strike in Kanpur in mid eighties. This was the case in the bloody suppression of the Paris commune of 1871, the Berlin insurrection of 1919, encirclement and counterrevolutionary struggle for the suppression of the proletarian revolution in Russia after October 1917. These crusaders against terrorism are always busy inventing newer and newer repressive measures to terrorize the working class people more and more. They have taken and are taking full advantage of every terrorist act to strengthen further the state repressive machinery to make it capable to crush any attempt of the working class and exploited masses of people to liberate themselves for ever from the stranglehold of any exploitation and repression.

All capitalist states themselves are terrorist no. 1 and each of them utilizes to the fullest possible extent the services of terrorist groups and organizations everywhere in the world. But each of them blame others for terrorist attacks within its national border. The US bourgeoisie, the pioneer in the war against terrorism discovered, trained and equipped Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda, the most dreadful terrorist organization of these days. Bin Laden was a hero and freedom fighter when he served the imperialist interest of the US bourgeoisie against that of the Russian. The CIA has resorted to innumerable terrorist attacks to assassinate other world political leaders who refused to toe the US line. The intelligence agencies of each and every capitalist country do the same heinous barbarous acts. The Indian bourgeoisie is not and can never be an exception. What is its RAW ( research and analysis wing) doing? Is it practicing Gandhi’s non violence? No, no state in a class divided society can be non violent. RAW has been specially created for counter intelligence and subversive activities using the services of crime syndicates in enemy territories. There is every possibility of its involvement in the terrorist explosions in various parts of Pakistan and Bangladesh in the same way as the ISI may be involved in the terrorist attacks in various parts of India. In these days of increasing crisis and imperialist conflict for survival, the bourgeois ruling cliques of each and every country without any exception, can not but resort to all possible sorts of terrorist means including war whenever possible, against its rival. The Indian bourgeoisie in the same way as the Pakistani bourgeoisie can not escape this material compulsion whatever noble and humanitarian appearance they may try to project.

The material conditions of decadent capitalism, the ceaseless intensification of social contradictions and conflicts, the increasing unemployment, poverty, misery and spread of inhuman living conditions, slums, ghettoes and desperation of the petit bourgeois masses, provide the very fertile breeding ground of terrorism and capitalist factions and states cannot but utilize fully the services of the terrorist groups.

Thus we are moving towards the future of increasing uncertainty of life and livelihood everywhere in the world in this phase of decomposition of decadent world capitalism. We have no respite from this so long as this decadent world capitalist system is intact. Our passivity and confusions will accelerate further the uncertainty of our life and livelihood. On the contrary our class combativeness, struggle against the increasing attacks of capital on our livelihood, living and working conditions, revolutionary class consciousness and organization are the only weapons with which we can put an end to the decadent capitalist system, the root of all evils endangering more and more the very existence of the whole human species. So we have to intensify our class struggle refusing disdainfully to be mystified further by the bourgeois ruling cliques in any part of the world and rallied behind any one of them to defend their sordid capitalist imperialist interests. This is the only way to get rid of exploitation and repression , war and terrorism, increasing uncertainty of life and livelihood.

Communist Internationalist, ICC section in India

7th November, 2005