The rules of the forum

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The rules of the forum
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 The basic rules of this forum are very simple and can be resumed as follows:

  1. "No flaming": sarcasm is to be avoided and gratuitous insults still more so.
  2. "No trolling": more generally, avoid deliberate provocation. The aim of discussion should be not to "provoke" one's "antagonist", but to develop a better understanding of different ideas, even if one is opposed to them.
  3. "No spamming": this is not a commercial site, any advertising will be immediately deleted by the webmaster.

The ICC reserves the right to delete any entry which we consider contravenes these rules, or which contains racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive commentary. However, we cannot be held responsible for such comments should they slip through the net. Our readers are invited to point out, on this forum, any entries they consider violate the rules of the forum.

In addition, in order to discourage the monstrous quantities of spam which constantly invade the Internet, this site is protected by the Defensio anti-spam service. Comments posted here will be scanned by Defensio, and may get diverted into a moderation queue.