How the ruling class is organized

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To listen to the bourgeoisie's propaganda, one would think that they only had the good of humanity at heart. The talk about the "defense of freedom and democracy", "human rights", or "humanitarian aid" are completely at odds with reality. All the noise that accompanies the speeches is proportional to the size of the lie it carries. As the master of Nazi propaganda, Goebbels, said: "The bigger the lie, the better its chance of being believed". The whole bourgeoisie applies this rule assiduously. The decadent capitalist state has developed a monstrous propaganda apparatus, rewriting history, drowning out events with media noise to mask capitalism's barbaric and criminal nature, which no longer brings any progress to humanity. This propaganda weighs heavily on the consciousness of the working class. That is what is designed for.

The two articles that follow - "The secret workings of the Italian state", and "The Mexican bourgeoisie in the history of imperialism" - show how, behind all the propaganda, the bourgeoisie of decadent capitalism is a class of gangsters, whose various fractions are ready for anything to defend their interests in their confrontations in the capitalist and imperialist arena, or united against the common danger of the proletariat.

To fight the enemy, you must first know him. This is especially true for the proletariat, whose main weapon is its consciousness and clarity in the struggle. The class' ability to lay bare the lies - especially "democratic" - of the ruling class, to discern, behind the propaganda mask - the reality of barbaric capitalism and the class that incarnates it, will determine its future ability to play its historic role: through communist revolution, putting an end to the most somber chapter in human history.

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