Philippine Maoists show their true color: enemy of the proletarian revolution

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Since 2001 the Philippine Maoists led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) through its "legal fronts" actively participated in bourgeois elections by fielding their own candidates and/or supporting bourgeois allies in local governments and parliament. Through the pretext of "using the local government and parliament to advance the protracted people's war", the Maoists use its mass base and armed group - New People's Army (NPA) - to campaign for their own "communist" candidates and capitalist allies to have seats inside the capitalist state.  

But in previous elections, the legal front organizations of CPP just discreetly (not openly) supported their capitalist allies who are exploiting the working class and poor but "supporting the armed struggle" or "just being neutral in guerilla warfare" for the time being. However, this support from the mainstream leftist organizations in the Philippines has a reciprocal reward from these capitalist politicians - money (financial support or "revolutionary tax" and votes for their party-lists and "communists" candidates whether through vote-buying or cheating. The names of these "communist" candidates were included in the sample ballots of their allies with money to buy the votes of the poor. This excludes the cheating by their allies at the COMELEC level.

This counter-revolutionary method of the Maoists is also practiced their rivals in the leftist movement particularly the so-called "anti-CPP" and "anti-maoists" leftist organizations like the Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipino (PMP), Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPM-ABB) or Akbayan.  

The mere participation of the Leftists in bourgeois elections is a clear proof that these organizations do not really want to destroy the decaying exploitative system and its last defender - the state - but to defend them using "radical" and "revolutionary language" which in essence bourgeois slogans like democracy and nationalism. Those slogans were progressive in 19th century but completely reactionary in our epoch - the epoch of imperialism.

But their being counter-revolutionaries and left of capital do not end by their participation in bourgeois elections. Worst, these leftist organizations, because of their greedy ambition to enter the capitalist state even disregard their "discreet" support to their allies who are enemies of the people. Now, they openly support them for the 2010 elections.  

Satur Ocampo, the senatorial candidate of the maoist Bayan Muna shamelessly said that the platform of the Nacionalista Party of Manny Villar is closest to theirs. With Satur's statement, it clearly showed that the maoist program is a bourgeois program like the NP. Without hesitation, Bayan Muna supports the candidacy of Manny Villar and Loren Legarda. Not surprising, same as the "leninist" Sanlakas support Erap today and Akbayan for Aquino-Roxas.

Nacionalista Party is a party of the Filipino bourgeoisie (the ilustrados).  Though it does not mean that the Liberal Party of Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas is better than NP.

In Amado Guererro's "Philippine Society and Revolution", he denounced the puppets of US imperialism who among others were NP stalwarts like Manuel L. Quezon, Carlos P. Garcia, Ramon Magsaysay and Ferdinand Marcos.

Is the NP of Villar different from the NP of 1907 just as is the LP of Noynoy Aquino different from the LP 1945? Only people who are ignorant in the history of bourgeois politics in the Philippines would answer yes.

Manny Villar is a big capitalist (not a "nationalist bourgeois" in maoist jargon), a multi-millionaire and opportunist politician playing with different factions to climb upward in the political ladder of bourgeois politics. From pro-Erap to anti-Erap and pro-GMA. NP (like LP) entered an alliance with Gloria in 2004 elections to support her bid for president. Then became anti-GMA and pro-Erap. And now, becomes "anti-GMA" and "anti-Erap" to pursue his ambition for president. More so, Villar, like its rivals is not anti-US imperialism nor can be neutralize on this issue. In his statement in the media he said that "USA is an important partner" and all revolutionaries know what is "partnership" means between the Philippines and America.

No Filipino revolutionary believes in Villar's punch line: "sa sipag at tiyaga, aasenso ang bansa". This political gimmickry of NP is a great insult to the Filipino masses. This means that the majority are poor because they don't have "sipag at tiyaga" or it is not enough! And only Villar and his NP know the correct "sipag at tiyaga"! And the proof of this is Villar itself: from "rags to riches"!

So, for the Filipino people to get rich, they should follow Manny Villar's "formula of fortune" by electing him as president. And all things will get better!

Since Manny's formula is closest to the maoist formula "revolution", no wonder that Bayan Muna openly supports Villar for president. This is the result of 40 years of "brilliant leadership" of CPP to "advance the bourgeois-democratic revolution" in the Philippines: Villar's presidency could bring the CPP to Malacanang!

But if Bayan Muna would argue that "our alliance with Villar is temporary and we will denounce him as soon as he'll become president" or "we know that Villar is an enemy, we just use him to advance the revolution", then this people of Bayan Muna, especially its veteran cadres like Satur Ocamp do not understand Marxism and class struggle.  

Leftism is really an enemy of proletarian revolution. Leftism is just the left arm of the bourgeoisie.

Talyo, December 14, 2009