A short clarification concerning the ‘external fraction of the ICC’

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Since its formation, this organization, made up of former members of the ICC, has engaged in a campaign of calumnies against our Current. In our International Review 45 we refuted some of these lies (to have refuted them all would have taken far too much time and would have meant filling up the entire issue to the detriment of much more important questions). Among these lies, there was one which really went beyond all limits: that the ICC excluded these comrades, when it was they who voluntarily left the organization despite our insistence on the irrespon­sibility of such a course. In no. 3 of Internationalist Perspective, the organ of the EFICC, there is an article which proposes to explain the reasons "why we (the comrades of the minority) had to leave the organization". Although the article is a tissue of ridiculous little lies and stupid corridor gossip, at no point does it talks about an exclusion (which would after all have been a good explanation for their departure). Furthermore, the next article, ‘Why Do We Call Ourselves a Fraction' attempts to explain with so-called ‘theoretical' and ‘historical' arguments why the minority had to leave the ICC. It would be a waste of time going once again over these calumnies and the specious arguments that accompany them.

Nevertheless, we take note of the EFICC's rectification of its previous assertions about being excluded. We encourage them to go further in this direction and in their ensuing issues withdraw all the other lies which up to now they've been circulating about the ICC.

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