Address to revolutionaries in Britain

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In the present period of rising class struggle, revolutionaries all over the world must regroup their forces in order to be able to intervene effectively in the movement of the working class towards revolution. After fifty years of triumph­ant counter-revolution, in which the organic continuity with the past workers’ movement was brutally interrupted, the constitution of the International Communist Current as a pole of revolutionary coherence and clarity is a vital moment in the process of international regroupment which will ultimately lead to the re-emergence of the world communist party.

This break in organic continuity is especi­ally obvious in Britain where there has been no tradition of left communism since the disappearance of the Workers’ Dreadnought in 1924. Today the revolutionary movement in Britain is extremely restricted and ele­ments who come toward revolutionary ideas are still struggling to break out of the influence of Trotskyism, libertarianism, marginalism, and other bourgeois ideologies. All this can only increase the importance of the presence of the ICC in Britain in the form of World Revolution. As the class struggle deepens, WR will have a heavy responsibility in acting as the pole of communist regroupment in Britain. In this context, this Congress

* regrets that other expressions of the re-emerging communist movement in Britain specifically the elements who now con­stitute the Communist Workers’ Organiza­tion - have failed to understand the need for regroupment and have fallen into a sectarian attitude which can only serve to fragment the revolutionary movement today.

* affirms that the historical experience of the revolutionary working class is expressed in the platform of the ICC

* calls upon all revolutionary elements in Britain to recognize the need for the centralization and unification of all revolutionary activity, to regroup with the ICC and help to make it an indispen­sable, active factor in the reconstitution of the world party of the communist revolution.


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