The capitalist left cannot save a dying system

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The rise of populism is a direct product of decomposing capitalism and has created deep divisions in the ruling class. In the US, the Democratic Party seems paralysed in its efforts to prevent Trump returning to the presidency, an outcome that would accelerate the slide towards chaos both in the US and internationally. In France and Britain, the story is a bit different, with Macron and the “New Popular Front” combining to block the National Rally coming to power, and Labour crushing a Tory party which has been profoundly gangrened by populism. Despite this, the forces of populism and the far right continue to grow in the soil of a rotting society.

The ICC will be holding an international online public meeting to discuss this situation because we think it is vital to:

  • Analyse and understand the conflicts between different factions of the class enemy
  • Denounce the main ideological attacks that accompany these events, notably the “defence of democracy against fascism”
  • Draw out the real interests of the working class in the face of these mystifications: not to trust in the ballot box or the election to parliament of parties which claim to speak in its name, but to defend itself through a collective, independent struggle, laying the basis for a political confrontation with the whole capitalist system.

The meeting will be held between 2pm and 5pm UK time on Saturday 20 July. If you want to attend, please email us: [email protected].



ICC international online public meeting on elections in Britain, France and the US