Wars between Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Iran: capitalism takes another step into barbarism

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International Communist Current

Online public meeting

Saturday 4 May, 2pm to 5pm UK time

The devastating world wars of the 20th century showed that capitalism as a social system had become totally obsolete. They were followed by a “Cold War” between two imperialist blocs in which proxy conflicts killed as many people as the world wars. The old bloc system fell apart in the 1990s but imperialist wars didn’t go away – they just got more chaotic and unpredictable. Of the many wars ravaging the planet today,  the carnage in Ukraine and the Middle East are the clearest proofs - alongside an ecological crisis which the system can’t begin to solve -  that capitalism’s decline has reached a terminal phase in which the threat to the very survival of humanity has become increasingly evident.

This meeting will discuss the historical background of the war in the Middle East and analyse the interest of the different imperialist powers involved. But it will above all seek to argue that the only possible response is the intransigent defence of internationalism against all the false responses offered by those who defend one or another form of nationalism, and against all capitalist states and governments, from Israel to Iran and Hamas, from Russia to Ukraine, from the USA to China. All of their wars are genocidal imperialist wars, and the only power on earth that can put an end to the nightmare of decomposing capitalism is the international working class.

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ICC online public meeting