Internationalist positions against the war

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Tensions are reaching boiling point everywhere because of the horribly violent clashes between the Hamas regime in Gaza and the state of Israel. An atmosphere of hysteria is being stirred up in both camps. As revenge for the terror attack by Hamas, on one level, armed Jewish settlers on the West Bank have already killed five Palestinians in this first week of the war, while the Israeli military masses to obliterate Gaza. In such an oppressive atmosphere it is very difficult to follow the internationalist path that refuses to choose one or the other side. It requires courage to publicly defend a consistent proletarian perspective.

But fortunately there are some internationalist voices making themselves heard. Even if we do not share all the positions developed in their articles, they are a light in the darkness of the present barbarism unleashed by the international bourgeoisie.

Among these voices there are two other organisations of the communist left. The first one is the Internationalist Communist Tendency with the statement “The Latest Butchery in the Middle East is Part of the March to Generalised War”. The second one is Il Partito Comunista with the article “War in Gaza, Against the imperialist warfare, for the revolutionary class warfare”.

But there are also at least two anarchist groups that have published an internationalist position against the atrocities committed by capitalism in the Middle East. The first one is the Anarchist Communist Group that has published the article “Neither Israel nor Hamas!” The other article is by the Anarcom Network called “Neither one State nor two States!  No ‘State’ will end the slaughter of our Class!”

So, despite the deafening campaign by the governments of the USA, the UK and others, and of the bourgeois left to support the “Palestinian cause”, several organisations in Europe and North America have remained loyal to the internationalist principles of the world proletariat.

We will come back to some of the positions adopted by the different groups in due course.

WR 14.10.23


War in the Middle East