Political parasitism is not a myth, and the IGCL is a dangerous expression of it

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Recently, following an intervention by our militants at meeting of the No War But the Class War committee in Paris[1], where an element of the International Group of the Communist Left sat side by side on the presidium with a member of the Internationalist Communist Tendency, the IGCL commented ironically that the meeting showed that the ICC doesn’t believe a word of our analysis of the “parasitism” of the IGCL[2]. In our article Attacking the ICC: the raison d'être of the IGCL, we pointed out this added expression of the parasitic character of this grouping, whose fundamental objective is to attack the political organisations of the Communist Left and to undermine the development of the proletarian political milieu.

Two years ago, we wrote an article dedicated to denouncing the activities of the IGCL (formerly the “Internal Fraction of the ICC”) through the support it has been giving to an attempt to usurp the Communist Left by an adventurer named Gaizka[3], whose trajectory we have exposed. Since then, the IGCL has been multiplying its attacks against the ICC with sole aim of discrediting our organisation and sowing distrust towards it.

This is why we have decided to publish a number of articles in a “dossier” bringing together our different responses to the slanders of the IGCL: an article on the concept of political parasitism as part of the patrimony of the workers’ movement; our denunciation of political adventurism and its support from the IGCL; the revolutionary coherence of our platform; our analysis of the present phase of the decadence of capitalism, the phase of decomposition; our intervention in the world situation, in response both to war and the class struggle; or again, our position of the anarchist milieu on the question of internationalism and its betrayal. These questions are approached in the following articles:

The following to appear in due course:

  • The IGCL tries to discredit the analysis and intervention of the ICC in the present period
  • The IGCL’s complicity with adventurism has been verified again
  • The ignoble deformations of the IGCL regarding the ICC’s characterisation of anarchism

This series of denunciations of the activities of the IGCL is needed because we can’t leave the slanders and falsifications aimed at the ICC without a reply. We would obviously have preferred to devote our forces to other activities more in line with the world situation, but we find ourselves facing a situation comparable to that the General Council of the First International, facing an internal enemy made up of Bakunin’s Alliance. Today the IGCL is such an “internal enemy” of the Communist Left


Political parasitism