140 years since the death of Marx

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On March 14, 1883, 140 years ago, Karl Marx, a leading revolutionary militant and fighter, died. Often presented by the bourgeoisie as a "philosopher" or an "economist", he was throughout his life hounded and slandered by his detractors and the police, portrayed as the devil incarnate. Despite being transformed either into an icon or an "outdated" thinker, despite all the deformations of his thought by the Stalinists and the leftists, his contribution, and above all the method he developed, that of historical materialism, remains fundamental to arming the proletariat in its struggle to comprehend the capitalist system and prepare its overthrow. His often-unrecognised abilities as a talented organiser, his polemics, the sharpness of his pen, make him one of the greatest revolutionaries of his time. We publish below a series of articles dedicated to him.

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