Discussion Bulletin - groups of the Communist Left

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At the beginning of the war in Ukraine the International Communist Current proposed a joint internationalist statement on the conflict to the other groups of the Communist Left. Of these groups three affirmed their willingness to participate and a statement was discussed, agreed, and published by these different groups. The principle behind the joint statement was that on the fundamental question of imperialist war and the internationalist perspective against it, the different Communist Left groups were agreed and could unite on this question to provide, with greater force, a clear political alternative to capitalist barbarism for the working class in different countries.

The other side of the joint statement was that on other questions, particularly on the analysis of the present imperialist war, its origins and prospects, there were differences among the constituent groups which should be discussed and clarified. Consequently the groups have decided to produce brief statements on these questions and publish them in a bulletin

The first English edition of this bulletin can now be accessed here in PDF form by double-clicking on the illustration. Other editions will follow in Farsi, Italian, Korean and further languages.


Internationalist response to war