The 2020s: Faced with the acceleration of capitalist decomposition, only the working class struggle has an alternative for humanity

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The tremendous intensification of the military chaos provoked by the war in Ukraine; the Covid 19 pandemic and its millions of victims; the climatic catastrophes descending with redoubled violence on the four corners of the planet; the economic crisis, undoubtedly one of the worst in the history of capitalism, sinking whole sections of the proletariat into precariousness and misery... All these manifestations of barbarism, chaos and misery demonstrate the irreparable impasse facing capitalism.

The 2020s will therefore see an unprecedented increase in convulsions, disasters and the worst forms of suffering in all regions of the world and on all continents. It is the very existence of human civilisation that is openly threatened! How can we explain this accumulation and aggregation of so many catastrophes?

For all that, the workers' struggles which have been developing in Britain since this summer show that the working class is beginning to react, albeit with great difficulty, and is refusing to suffer the attacks of the bourgeoisie on its working and living conditions. It is by developing struggles on this terrain that the working class will give itself the means to rediscover its class identity and will be able to create an alternative to the deadly spiral into which capitalism is plunging humanity.

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