Covid-19 Pandemic, assault on the Capitol in Washington: two expressions of the intensification of capitalist decomposition

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The past year has been marked, once again, by a series of disasters, including a global pandemic that has so far claimed more than 2 million lives and has meant a significant deepening of the economic crisis of capitalism, plunging millions of people into misery and precariousness. The year 2021 has only just begun, but it was immediately marked by a new event of historic significance: the assault on the Capitol by fanatical Trumpist hordes. These two events are not separated from each other. On the contrary, for the ICC, they both reveal an intensification of social decomposition, the ultimate phase of the decadence of capitalism. This public meeting will therefore be an opportunity to put forward this analytical framework, to identify its relevance but also to question it through the prism of the facts and the historical evolution of capitalist society.

In order to prepare this meeting, participants can already refer to the following text:

"Theses on decomposition" (International Review n° 107, 4th semester 2001). Theses on decomposition | International Communist Current (

This is part of a series of virtual public meetings being held internationally by the ICC. The meeting for English-speaking comrades will be held at two different times: 10am (UK time) on Saturday 13 February, and 6pm (UK time) on Sunday the 14th February. The Saturday meeting time should be easier for comrades in Asia and Australasia, the Sunday for comrades in Europe and North America.

If you are interested in taking part, please write to us at [email protected] and we will let you know how to gain access to the meeting. Please indicate which day suits you best.


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