Tekel- Turkey: Passing on the experience of the class struggle

At the end of 2009 a workers’ struggle began in Turkey, which became known far beyond its borders, not least because a delegation of the strikers visited Western Europe in June and July 2010. It came to report on its experiences and to draw lessons together with those interested in doing so.


Tekel strike: How to organise outside the unions?

In the first article we published on the Tekel struggle, we gave an account of the developments until January 20th. In this article, we will continue from where we left off, and try to give an account of what went on from the erection of the Tekel workers' camp in the centre of Ankara to March 2nd, when the workers left Ankara.  What will be told is the story of the entire working class...

"If the unions are on our side, why are there 15,000 riot police between us and them?"

The article we are publishing below was written for our press in Turkey by one of the workers involved in the Tekel strike. We will shortly be publishing more news on more recent developments in the situation in Turkey.

Turkey: Solidarity call for the "Platform of struggling workers"

Militant workers from recent workers' struggles in Turkey, including National Tobacco and Alcohol Monopoly (TEKEL) workers, Istanbul Water and Sewers Department (ISKI) workers, firemen, Sinter metal workers, Esenyurt municipality workers, Marmaray building workers, dustmen, workers from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and workers from the ATV-Sabah News Corporation, have come together and established a workers' group called the Platform of Struggling Workers. The ICC is calling on comrades to support the workers' group through the Paypal button to the right.

More declarations of internationalist solidarity for the Tekel workers

The recent struggles of the Tekel workers in Turkey (Turkey: Solidarity with Tekel workers' resistance against government and unions!

Solidarity from Peru for the Tekel workers


This article, from the printed edition of World Revolution, has already been published online here

Solidarity from Peru for the Tekel workers

We have recently, despite the cordon sanitaire imposed by the bourgeoisie and its supposed "means of information", learnt about your struggle to improve working conditions and wages, a struggle in which the crisis of capitalism can clearly be seen. Statement from Nucleo Proletario in Peru

Turkey: solidarity with Tekel workers’ resistance against government and unions

This article is available on ICC Online

Turkey: Solidarity with Tekel workers' resistance against government and unions!

We reproduce below the account of the Tekel tobacco-workers' strike, published by the ICC's section in Turkey.
On December 14th 2009, thousands of workers of Tekel enterprises from dozens of cities in Turkey left their homes and families in order to travel to Ankara. The workers of Tekel took this journey with the aim of struggling against the horrible conditions forced upon them by the capitalist order. This honorable struggle of the Tekel workers which has been going on for more than a month now, carried the idea of a strike in which all workers would participate. By doing so, the workers of Tekel started leading and carrying forward the working class movement in the whole country. What we will try to give the account of here is the story of what happened so far in the Tekel struggle. It should not be forgotten that what this account concerns not just the Tekel workers, but the workers of the whole world. We owe our warm thanks to the Tekel workers for making the writing of this article possible by pushing the struggles of our class forward, by their determined struggle and by explaining to us what they went through, their experiences and thoughts.
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