SWP open letter to the left: Reviving the electoral corpse

Following the recent elections in which the Labour vote plumbed new depths and the British National Party sensationally won two seats in the European parliament the Socialist Workers Party (9/6/9) addressed an "open letter to the left."

The Commune:Still trapped in its leftist past?

One of the groups to welcome the SWP's ‘open letter' was The Commune, a group that split from the AWL last year.

Correspondence on the left’s electoralism and reformism

We're publishing a letter from a sympathiser about the current efforts of leftist groups like the Socialist Workers Party to form a new electoral alliance, above all to combat the rise of the BNP.

Anarchism and imperialist war (part 2): Anarchist participation in the Second World War

In the build up to the Second World War, following the defeat of the revolutionary wave of the 1920s, the Russian revolution had been strangled by isolation and was then finished off by the world bourgeoisie and Stalinism. The counter-revolution, the crushing of the world proletariat, had triumphed. In this context, anarchism underwent a fateful step in its evolution.
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