James Connolly opposes Irish independence

The following article by James Connolly was sent to the Left Communist group forum on by a comrade in the US who has begun posting under the name Stagger Lee.

Despite the nationalist conflicts, half a million workers assert their class identity

The separatists and the Indian state have always tried to negate the very existence of the working class and smother its struggles, yet the working class in Kashmir has tried determinedly to assert itself, especially over the last couple of years, and have carried out a number of major strikes and struggles.

The East: Nationalist Barbarism

Throughout Eastern Europe and the USSR we are witnessing a violent explosion of nationalism.

Scargill’s memoirs of the 1984-85 strike: Hiding the NUM’s role in sabotaging the struggle

The lesson of the 1984 miners' strike for the working class today is that all unions, with their rule books, their bureaucracy, sectional and corporatist set ups, and relations with the Labour Party, are part of the state and work against the self-organisation and extension of struggles under the control of workers themselves.  

Oil refinery and power station strikes: Workers begin to challenge nationalism

The wave of unofficial strikes sparked by the struggle of construction and maintenance workers at the Lindsey refinery has been one of the most important workers' struggles in Britain in the last 20 years.  

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