State Capitalism

Days of Discussion II: State Capitalism Presentation

Published here is the presentation on state capitalism, delivered by a non-icc member at the days of discussion, held in the US, in January 2010.

‘New South America’: an old lie in new bottles

State capitalists are just as much oppressors as private capitalists. We already know about the model of the ‘New Deal', the Stalinist Soviet Union, Fascism and Nazism, etc, all models that have served the interests of the bourgeoisie, defending capitalist class relations, and Chavez, Lula, Morales etc are doing nothing different"

USA: state capitalism is running out of room for manoeuvre

There is no place to hide now. According to the December announcement by The National Bureau of Economic Research - the agency responsible for dating the beginning of a recession in the US - the American economy has been in recession since December 2007.In other words, for most of last year Mr. Bernanke, Mr. Paulson, the White House and Congress were busy denying the existence of, and trying to avoid, a recession that hadalready started!

The Economic Crisis: State Capitalism Is Running Out of Room for Manoeuvre

This is 2009 and with the new year comes a brand new president predicting that the economy will get worse before it gets better, a new congress ready to act where the past one fumbled, and a great new economic team educated at the most prestigious American institutions, with fresh ideas on how to save capitalism from catastrophe. Yet given the fact that so far the bourgeoisie has failed to contain the crisis, the odds for Obama's success are definitely not good.

The left applauds as the state tries to shore up capitalism

There are still people who say that state intervention is not integral to the way capitalism functions, indeed, that the increasing role of the state is part of the move towards socialism.

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