1956 - Hungary

Articles on the workers' uprising in Hungary, 1956.

Hungary 1956: a proletarian insurrection against Stalinism

In commemoration of the workers' uprising in Hungary, 1956 - a true proletarian movement against the ferocious exploitation of a ruthless Stalinist state

From Russia 1917 to Hungary 1956: October of the soviets

The first anniversary we are dealing with here is of 1917. The month of October is now firmly associated in the memory of revolutionaries with the soviets, even if the memory of the true soviets has been buried deep amongst the wider layers of the class.

50 years since the Hungarian workers' uprising

The 1956 uprising in Hungary, like the strikes which occurred in Poland in the same year and more recently in 1970 and 1976, were not the expressions of the will of the ‘people’ of Eastern Europe to reform ‘Commu­nism’ or reform the ‘deformed workers’ states’. They were the direct result, of the insoluble contradictions of capitalism in Eastern Europe and the whole world.
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