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Health Care “Reform” Is an Attack Against the Working Class

The dramatic Republican victory in the Massachusetts Jan. 19th election which destroyed the Democrats filibuster proof margin in the Senate seems for the moment to have thrown the bourgeoisie's plans to "reform" health care into complete disarray. 

Days of Discussion II: Internationalists Debate Class Positions

In early January Internationalsm hosted its second weekend-long Days of Discussion conference in New York, once again bringing together sympathizers, readers, and correspondents from across the US and Canada for the opportunity of political discussion and theoretical deepening.

Afghanistan’s War: The Road to Hell Is Paved With Bad Intentions

After 8 years in Afghanistan, the international force led by the USA is sending in more troops. Far from a blow for democracy or the ‘war on terror', this conflict is turning the region into an ever worsening hell.

One Year After His Election, Capitalism’s Crisis Gives the Lie to Obama’s Promises

Today, a year after Obama's inauguration and the euphoria that accompanied it, what assessment can we make of the "change" that Obama was supposed to deliver? There's been plenty of change but not much of it for the better.



“Employee Free Choice Act”: A Weapon to Derail the Class Struggle

The bourgeoisie has introduced the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).So, what really is the EFCA?  What will it do?  And, most importantly, why is it being enacted by the bourgeoisie now?

How Should Revolutionaries Intervene in the Class Struggle?

The following text was written by a young militant who has been in discussion the ICC for some months now and participated in the Days of Discussion conference last spring. The text describes the author's efforts to grapple with complex issues pertaining to the union question and the intervention of revolutionaries in the struggle.

US Imperialism Decides How Better to Wage War

This article is available here

US imperialism decides how better to wage war

The decision by the US to reverse part of its missile shield deployment has been hailed as a "welcome U-turn" (The Guardian 18/9/9), a "bold" move, evidence of a ‘listening Obama' compared with the intransigence of President Bush, even as a move towards peace. It is none of these things.

Decomposing Capitalism Fuels Drug Violence

Most people in the U.S. are at least tangentially aware of the so called "drug-wars" that are being waged within the borders of their southern neighbor.  Some months ago, in March, New York Times journalists wrote about violence "spilling" over the border. They cited some vague facts about homicide figures rising in certain American cities and then proceeded to hook the reader with some detective-like stories about a kidnapping and a pistol-whipping incident - incidents implied to be connected to the drug-violence in Mexico.

North American Political Milieu: Days of Discussion Conference

As reported on our website , in April 2009 Internationalism hosted a weekend-long Days of Discussion conference which brought together a number of correspondents, readers, and sympathizers from geographically dispersed parts of the US and Canada for a much needed opportunity to meet face to face...

Israel: The imperialist strategy behind Obama’s talk of peace

On 4 June, in Cairo, the US president made a speech which all the main western capitals described as historic. In short, he presented the US as a friend of the Palestinians. He called on Hamas to recognise the State of Israel but he did not describe this organisation as terrorist. Even more remarkable is that he compared the struggle of the Palestinians with that of the slaves in America or the blacks of South Africa in the time of apartheid.

Report (Internationalism): Class struggle in the U.S.A.

What point has the crisis reached? Beginning of the recession

The significance of the American raid on Iran

A change in rhetoric to maintain US domination

The arrival of the Democrat Barak Obama to the head of the world's leading power has given rise to all kinds of illusions about a possible change in the strategic orientations of the USA, a change opening up an ‘era of peace'.

“Days of Discussion” -- ICC Readers’ Conference Debates Class Struggle

Readers of our press are by now well aware that the ICC has gone to great lengths in the last few years to open its internal discussions to the growing numbers of young – and not so young – militants emerging from the working class these days. The emergence of new militants searching for political clarity and the means to contribute to the revolutionary struggle is itself a reflection of the global process of maturation of class consciousness...

NATO summit: The weakening of American leadership

Since NATO was founded the world has moved on and global imperialist relations have profoundly changed. However, NATO is still there. And what's more a growing number of countries are asking to join it. So what function does it serve today?

Teachers’ Struggle: Workers Need to Make Solidarity Real

A recent incident among teachers at New York City high school demonstrates clearly that workers in the U.S. are making the first attempts at putting aside the divisions imposed by capitalism, in this case those divisions that pit the ‘senior' workers against the younger, more recently hired workers. In this sense, New York City workers are totally part of the resurgence of class militancy and solidarity we have been witnessing over the last three or four years worldwide.

US Policy Changes Aim to Reinforce its Imperialist Domination

This article will be published here shortly...

Pakistan: Obama’s new imperialist front line

There is an accelerating slide into chaos in Pakistan. The US has a real fear of the consequences of a collapse of the civil administration. In particular there is the question of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. The US has belligerently asserted that it would invade to secure the bases, if it felt it served its interests.

Torture: Britain asks its friends to do its dirty work

The British government has been embarrassed by revelations that it has used ‘torture by proxy'. It was alleged that part of the UK's secret service, MI5, was involved in questioning suspects while they were being tortured by the secret services of Pakistan and the United States.

US policy changes aim to reinforce its imperialist domination

Faced with this weakening of American leadership, where it has to negotiate with North Korea and recognise China as a player in Asia, where its policies are contested by all and sundry, including its previously loyal allies, there is a need for an adjustment in policy to better defend its interests.

America bombs Pakistan: business as usual

Within four days of his inauguration speech Barack Obama had authorised the bombing of targets in Pakistan.

The Economic Crisis: State Capitalism Is Running Out of Room for Manoeuvre

This is 2009 and with the new year comes a brand new president predicting that the economy will get worse before it gets better, a new congress ready to act where the past one fumbled, and a great new economic team educated at the most prestigious American institutions, with fresh ideas on how to save capitalism from catastrophe. Yet given the fact that so far the bourgeoisie has failed to contain the crisis, the odds for Obama's success are definitely not good.

The Chicago Factory Occupation: No “Honeymoon” For Obama

This article has already been published online here .

The Chicago Factory Occupation: No “Honeymoon” for Obama

The factory occupation by 240 employees of the Republic Window and Door factory in Chicago, Illinois for six days in early December was the most dramatic episode in US working class history in recent memory. Even the afterglow of the Obama electoral euphoria and its sweet promises of "change" couldn't prevent the angry workers from turning to the class struggle to resist the worsening economic crisis and the growing attacks on their standard of living.

Obama election: The emperor has new clothes

This statement was produced by the ICC's section in the USA just after the presidential election, when ‘Obamania' was in full flow.

US elections: Presiding over austerity, repression and war

The President of the USA is often described as the ‘most powerful man in the world'.The US President does have many formal powers, but ultimately he is just the most prominent figure in a whole state capitalist class. After the votes are counted the faces can change, but the same capitalist state still dominates every aspect of American society.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire: Victimized During the “Recovery” Workers Face a Deluge of Attacks

The ruling class likes to call the period of time that goes from one recession to another a "recovery." What was unique about this alleged period of capitalist "prosperity" was that the living conditions of the working class actually continued to deteriorate at an alarming rate.
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