Proletarian struggle


Since its beginnings, the proletariat’s struggle in defence of its own interests has carried within itself the perspective of ultimately destroying capitalism and establishing communism. But the proletariat does not pursue the final goal of its struggle out of pure idealism, guided by some divine inspiration. It is led to undertake its communist task because the material conditions within which its immediate struggle develops, force the class to do so since any other method of struggle can only lead to disaster.

Report on the class struggle

Today, a further 40 years after its foundation, the ICC is confronted with the task of re-examining the whole corpus of the very considerable work it has carried out in relation to the historic re-appearance of the working class at the end of the 1960s, and the immense difficulties it has encountered on the road to its emancipation.

Class Struggle: The bourgeoisie sets barriers before the class struggle

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International Situation (resolution)

1) The resolution on the international situat­ion from the 6th Congress of the ICC in November ‘85 was placed under the heading of the denunci­ation of a whole series of lies put forward by t

Head-on attacks herald the unification of the workers’ struggles

The formidable class combats that shook Belgium last April/May - the most important since Poland 1980, and since the end of the ‘60s in western Europe - have revealed the poverty of the bourgeo

Massive strikes in Norway, Finland and Belgium: From dispersion toward unification

The massive workers' struggles which almost paralyzed not only Scandinavia, but above all Belgium, this spring, announce the opening of a new period of the class struggle.

Workers’ struggles are the only obstacle to war

Everywhere, from the developed to the under­developed countries, in every branch of industry, capitalism in crisis is imposing; its austerity on the workers.

Ideological campaigns: Weapons of the bourgeoisie faced with the class struggle

Having spent the past several weeks treating us to a campaign about the famine in Ethiopia and the thousands who have been its victims, the media is now turning its spotlight onto the events in S

International class struggle: The simultaneity of workers strikes: what are the perspectives?

In the previous issue of the International Review (No.37) we dealt with the international resurgence of class struggle.

Inter-imperialist conflicts, class struggle: The acceleration of history

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Address to Proletarian Political Groups: In answer to the replies

Address to Proletarian Political Groups

In answer to the replies

The report on the International situation (Part 1)

Economic crisis: Descent into the abyss and the impasse of the capitalist class

Report on the International Situation (Part 2): The balance of forces between the working class and the bourgeoisie

"The military coup of 13 December 1981 has put an end to the most important prolonged combat between the world working class and capital for half a century.

State of war in Poland: The working class against the world bourgeoisie

In August 1980 the workers of Poland gave us the example of the mass strike, of self-organization in the struggle, of true workers' solidarity.

Class struggle in Eastern Europe (1970-80)

The importance of the revolutionary wave of 1917-23, and even of the wave of class struggle which swept Eastern Europe in 1953-56, was not least to have shown the potential which exists for the i

One Year of Workers’ Struggles in Poland

The workers' struggles in Poland constitute the most important movement of the world proletariat for over half a century One year after they began; the balance-sheet of these struggles is ric

Notes on the Mass Strike

Notes on the Mass Strike

France: Coordinations in the vanguard of sabotaging the struggle

France: Coordinations in the vanguard of sabotaging the struggle

International class struggle: Workers’ struggles in Poland

Once again the proletariat of Poland, faced with an unbearable degradation of its living conditions, has taken the path of class resis­tance: its struggles of the second half of Au­gust

Grupo Proletario Internacionalista: Crisis and workers’ struggles in Mexico

We are publishing here an article from the Grupo Proletario Internacianalista of Mexico.

International class struggle: The need to unite the workers' struggles, and the confrontation with rank-and-file uniomism

International correspondence: Workers' struggles and workers' politics develop in Mexico

Lessons of the workers' strikes in Western Europe: Struggle all together, take the struggle into our own hands

The workers' struggle in 1985: Balance-sheet and perspectives

Massive unemployment and the extension of the class struggle

International situation: Simultaneity of workers' struggles and the union obstacle

What method to understand the class struggle: The Marxist method is not empiricism

The acceleration of history: The worsening crisis, the extension of the class struggles

What method allows us to understand: The resurgence of workers' struggles

Theses on the present upsurge in class struggle

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