Notes on internationalist anarchism in Britain: Part one

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Notes on internationalist anarchism in Britain: Part one
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Notes on internationalist anarchism in Britain: Part one. The discussion was initiated by RedEd.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

RedEd (not verified)
eager to see more

 As a British anarchist who also has a lot of time for what the ICC write, I'm really pleased that the ICC has decided to write up some of its views on British anarchism. The initial thoughts I saw in this article seem very sound, from my point of view. The critical attitude towards insurrectionism (in the early days called illegalism) I greatly agree with, both in this article and the ICC's platform. I also was very pleased to see that the article noted that the division between socialists and anarchists did not exist in Britain till much later than most European countries. I hope that the implications of this will be explored, especially within the British syndicalist tradition where there was no need for 'anarchists' to mark themselves out as a distinct tendency, since the whole movement was implicitly anti-statist, just as the communist left is. 

From my personal point of view, I would be interested to know why the ICC thinks that there emerged a pressure for libertarian communists to define themselves as anarchists in Britian, when previously they would have called themselves simply socialists and/or syndicalists. What were the conditions that made this explicit rejection of the state capitalist vestiges of Bolshevism necessary? Is the devellopment of 'anarchism' in Britain in some way a response by communists to the devellopment of Trotskyism and Stalinism?


Anyway, I look forward to any comradely critique the ICC devellops of British anarchist communism, and any vitriolic critique the ICC puts out of British insurectionary, idividualist or primitivist anarchism.

greetings RedEd

 Thanks for that; the fraternal approach you take is extremely welcome. There seem to have been some technical problems with the anarchism article, so that only a bit of it has actually appeared; however a complete version of part one of the text can now be found on the PDF version, so hopefully you will send us more comments....

problem fixed