Communist Organisations and Class Consciousness

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Communist Organisations and Class Consciousness
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Communist Organisations and Class Consciousness. The discussion was initiated by mcml1150.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

mcml1150 (not verified)
Volume Two of not a nice idea but a necessity

One has been informed by after purchase of Volume 1 that  Volume 2 is now available, but no information about the second volume could be found by me or my friend either here at the ICC site nor at Can you help? Please. 

a good idea

After the very excellent volume 1 of 'not a good idea' some of us can hardly wait to get our hands on vol.2 and (probably even more exciting) volume 3, with it's promise of a glance at the future. So what's happening with these books, and why is information so difficult to get hold of?

communism, when will that be?

 Not sure whether the original question was about the 'Communism not just a good idea' book or the Class Consciousness Pamphlet - I assume the former as the latter never had a planned volume 2...Anyway, the answer is not so encouraging. We have stalled on the production of the second volume as a book, although the whole series is online in the various numbers of the International Review it first appeared in; Volume three likewise, although that has got stuck in the 1930s because the author got embroiled in writing another series, on decadence, which has also reached the thirties and hopefully will be finished soonish, making a return to the communism series a possibility!