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discussion-board 'refugee', revolutionary principles, overlooked news on immigration policy
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Hi, all, just got an account here since I'm now a discussion-board 'refugee' from RevLeft.space -- the entire site has been frozen, and is now available only as an archive of past threads.

This ICC site and forum had popped up previously at RevLeft, so I think it's a good time for a switch to affiliation here. I've read through the 'What is the ICC?' documents, except for the manifestos and the history of the ICC. I have no differences with the content, except for the following two sections:


> Just like ‘popular fronts’ and ‘anti-fascist fronts’, the tactic of the ‘united front’ has proved
to be a major weapon for the diversion of the proletarian struggle. This tactic which
advocates that revolutionary organisations call for alliances with the so-called ‘workers’
parties’ in order to ‘force them into a corner’ and expose them, can only succeed in
maintaining illusions about the ‘proletarian’ nature of these bourgeois parties and thus
delay the workers’ break with them.

> The autonomy of the proletariat in the face of all the other classes in society is the first
precondition for the extension of its struggle towards the revolution. All alliances with other
classes or strata and especially those with factions of the bourgeoisie can only lead to the
disarming of the class in the face of its class enemy, because these alliances make the
working class abandon the only terrain on which it can temper its strength: its own class
terrain. Any political tendency which tries to make the class leave that terrain is directly
serving the interests of the bourgeoisie


> In the present epoch a ‘successful’ struggle for ‘national liberation’ can only mean a
change in imperialist masters for the country concerned; for the workers, especially in
the new ‘socialist’ countries, it means an intensification, a systematisation, a
militarisation of exploitation by the statified capital which - because it is an expression
of the barbarism of the system - proceeds to transform the ‘liberated’ nation into a
concentration camp. Contrary to what some people claim, these struggles do not
provide the proletariat of the Third World with a springboard for class struggle.

I think that any 'national liberation' movement *could* possibly be a valid strategy, depending on the whole context of larger class-oriented struggle.

I'll also note that much of the African (and other oppressed nationalities) struggle for independence, as in the 1970s, was historically-progressively *useful* and should not be summarily dismissed. Please note, for example:

Africa's Black Star - The Rise and Fall of Kwame Nkrumah (Full Film)


This position, though, assumes that there *does exist* the prerequisite of the working class' own class terrain (see excerpt from document #9) -- in other words the class struggle should not be *subsumed* under any potential national-liberation struggle, but rather the political situation should be the *other way around*, with any potential national-liberation struggle being subsumed under a continuously-generalizing *class* struggle.

Feedback on any of this is always welcome.


Also, I'd like to point out a news article that seems to be currently overlooked:

Federal Judge Orders Administration To End Arbitrary Detention Of Asylum-Seekers

July 2, 201811:53 PM ET
Heard on Morning Edition


I can't see how any other aspect of the immigration battle could be *more* relevant than this development from over a week ago, which has *not* reverberated at all either in the mainstream / corporate press or from any radical-left news outlets. Perhaps someone may be able to clarify this negligence of attention -- thanks in advance.



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