Haiti earthquake: capitalist governments are all criminals!

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This article was published on our website just three days after Haiti's capital and other minor towns were leveled by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Almost two weeks after this catastrophe the main points made in the article remain completely valid. However several aspects require updating. First of all, the extent of the disaster is now much clearer. The number of confirmed deaths is now 150 000, but it is estimated that 200 000, maybe more, died, while the injured are 194 000. For the survivors the odds are not good. A health crisis is brewing, illnesses are running rampant, and shortage of clean water and a sanitation system in ruins will only make things worse in the immediate future. People are going hungry, 2 million people are in need of food assistance and over one million are homeless, many living under horrible conditions and obliged to scavenge for survival.  What about the assistance of the so-called "international community"?  One thing is obvious. Despite the enormous media circus trumpeting the "human side" of capitalist governments all over the world, the aid for the earthquake victims has been largely inefficient. The 20 000 American troops and 18 warships, the UN's 12 500 peacekeepers and police, and the dozens of charitable organizations have hardly made a difference addressing the population's needs, whose despair and anger are growing daily.  The tragedy in Haiti is living proof of the urgent necessity to do away with capitalism, this system that has outlived its historic mission and which today can only deliver misery, pain, and death.

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Internationalism 28/1/10


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