June 1944

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June 1944
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: June 1944: Capitalist massacre and manipulation. The discussion was initiated by Fred.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Sun Zi said "all warfare is

Sun Zi said "all warfare is based on deception", while Churchill said you must have "a bodyguard of lies" to hide your true intent.  This may sound innocent enough in theory, and maybe very wise, but in reality such carefully thought out  machiavellianism has no regard at all for human life which it sees as there purely for its own use,  and people as nothing more than disposable entities;   of no more significance than a tailor's dummy.

 When it comes to using human life to serve its own class purposes,   the bourgeoisie have no problems in seeing the deliberate wastage of human life as a normal and acceptable part of the package, especially their understanding of working class humans as being commodities  at their bourgeois disposal.

 How did they get to be so cold bloodied?  Is it  the product of their wealth and exploitative power?  Does the ability to buy labour power give you the right  to destroy the said labour power should you deem it necessary?  I suppose it does. Here is an example.

 Some of the methods used to strengthen the German conviction that an attack on Northern France was imminent are indicative of the degree of cynicism of which the ruling class is capable. “Free French” agents working for the British were sent on a mission to sabotage the canons protecting that part of the coast. What they did not know, was that British double agents (whom the Germans thought were working for them) had betrayed them to the Gestapo, knowing that under torture they were bound to reveal their supposedly “sensitive” information.

The coldly calculating horror underpinning this sordid little story tells us all we need to know about the bourgeoisie: its cunning; its morals and inhumanity to man.  The bourgeoisie understand each other very well, across national boundaries and language differences.  The Brits know they can rely on the Germans  to use torture, just as they would themselves in a similar situation, and then there  is the added ironic if not comical touch that British double agents were actually betraying disposable French fighters while making fools of the Germans too.  All of which left  British  nationalism clean, unpolluted and top dog.  All of which adds up to one in the eye for the nazzies.  What fun!  This is hardly duplicitous, more like a triple if not quadruple deception, such as even John le  Carre  could hardly invent.

Fabienne's account of D Day captures the spectacular enormity of the event very well.  If only the bourgeoisie could organize  the betterment of  the world including suffering humanity with such bravura and vigorous intent, we wouldn't need to get rid of them. But they can't.  They are  only good at war and destruction these days.