Worker-communism Radical Conscience of the Left of Capital

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Worker-communism Radical Conscience of the Left of Capital
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Worker-communism Radical Conscience of the Left of Capital

A new book has been published!

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Content of tables

  • Introduction  
  • Azarakhsh (“Lightning”)    
  • Sahand: sympathizer of the Alliance for struggle for Working Class Cause     
  • Current three and Alliance for struggle for Working Class Cause (Arman)     
  • The 1979 Revolution in Iran from the Perspective of the UCM  
  • Sahand and the Anti-Imperialist Struggle 
  • The petty bourgeois Khomeini        
  • Changing the name of “Sahand” to the Unity of Communist Militants 
  • The Marxist-Leninist ideology of the UCM           
  • The country of the Unity of Communist Militants
  • The UCM and the Iranian “communist” movement        
  • The UCM and the theocratic faction of the bourgeoisie  
  • The Marxist conception of social revolution          
  • The democratic revolution from the perspective of the UCM     
  • Retaking the democratic revolution
  • Stealing the work of others 
  • The Economic Theories of the UCM         
  • The Marxist concept of super-profits         
  • The value of labour power and the UCM 
  • Absolute ground rent and differential rent           
  • The Marxist concept of capital accumulation        
  • The minimum programme of the UCM     
  • War and the Unity of Communist Militants          
  • The era of imperialist wars and the era of communist revolutions         
  • The left of capital perspective on the reasons for the formation of the imperialist war between Iran and Iraq
  • Turning workers into cannon fodder on the battlefield of war to defend the imperialist war 
  • Vote for war credits 
  • The bankruptcy of the UCM          
  • Worker-communism and other wars         
  • The Unity of Communist Militants and the coup  
  • Rebuilding the Third Line under the Title of Revolutionary Marxism  
  • The formation of the only communist party of the world
  • Bundism and the special rights of Komala
  • Marxism or narcissism         
  • Worker-communism and Stalinism
  • Worker-communism and Maoism  
  • Worker-communism and the transition state        
  • Worker-communism and socialism in one country           
  • Socialism or state capitalism
  • The Place of Worker-communism in History        
  • Worker-communism and the Communist Left     
  • Worker-communism and Trade Unions    
  • Worker-communism and the National Question   
  • Worker-communism and Independence for Kurdistan   
  • Worker-communism and Parliamentarism           
  • Worker-communism and Democracy        
  • Background to the faction of worker-communism           
  • What is worker-communism?         
  • Worker-communism and workers’ dilemma         
  • Worker-communism and the acquisition of political power
  • Worker-communism and the ideology of the personalities          
  • Worker-communism and relations with foreign governments    
  • The ideology of Marxism-Hekmatism        
  • Worker-communism and westernism        
  • Worker-communism and the Freedom Guard
  • The collapse of worker-communism          
  • Worker-communism and not being on the line     
  • The split in the Iranian worker-communist Party
  • Worker-communism and the acknowledgment of failure
  • The practice of worker-communism is bourgeois communist by type    
  • Subsequent crises     
  • Last word and conclusion   
  • Basic Positions: