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International leaflet only in French
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Tract international
Contre les attaques de la bourgeoisie, nous avons besoin d’une lutte unie et massive !

Translated: International leaflet
Against the attacks of the bourgeoisie, we need a united and massive struggle!

I just saw the international leaflet on the website.
I have yet to read it thoroughly.
This is therefore only a very first reaction, certainly not an in-depth commentary of its contents.

The leaflet gives examples of recent workers' struggles in the USA, Iran, Korea, Italy, Germany, Spain and France.
And it also says: “Le mouvement contre le CPE doit inspirer nos luttes futures.”
Translated: "The movement against the CPE should inspire our future struggles."
There is nothing wrong with that, that 2006 movement in France had a lot in it that is still important today and tomorrow.(1)
A movement in one country can be a source of inspiration for the struggle in other countries, as has been proven many times.
See the revolutionary struggle in 1917 in Russia, May-June 1968 in France, August 1980 in Poland.

Such an international leaflet at this time seems to me to be a good thing.
And the leaflet itself concludes with "Nous diffusons ce tract dans tous les pays où nos forces militantes sont présentes..." (Translated "We distribute this leaflet in all the countries where our militant forces are present...")
But ... an international leaflet only in French?

Of course the ICC knows that the time that French was the world language, i.e. the language in royal courts, in diplomacy,... that time is long gone.
And of course she knows that, however important France was and is in the struggle of the world proletariat (2), not all proletarians speak or understand French.
And of course the section in France is the oldest (next to the section in Venezuela), the most experienced section of the ICC and probably still the biggest, but today the ICC has sections not only in neighbouring countries of France and the USA, but is present with militants on three continents (with on each continent several sections).

The ICC has repeatedly proven that it is capable of distributing international leaflets and other texts internationally, also simultaneously, in all countries where it has sections (and even in other countries).

What has gone wrong now?
It is unfortunately also in contradiction with what is said in one of the texts of the 24th congress
"In the coming period the ICC intends to improve its press(...)we must (...) strengthen the diffusion of our digital and printed press." (3)

"Hope for a speedy recovery !”


1) Translated from the leaflet "...the precarious students... had been able to refuse isolation and division by rejecting specific slogans....Against the unions, they had opened their general assemblies to all categories of workers and pensioners...It was this dynamic of unity and massiveness that frightened the bourgeoisie and forced them to withdraw their CPE" ("Contrat Première Embauche", synonymous with underpaid and overexploited work.

2) We only have to mention the years 1848, 1871 and 1968.
See the very interesting article (also for sympathisers and readers outside France)
“Les caractéristiques historiques de la lutte des classes en France”
Published by: Révolution Internationale ,Mardi, 11 janvier, 2022 - 08:55

3) "Balance sheet of the Congress: Understanding the historical situation and preparing for the future".
International Review 167 - Autumn 2021


Have I misunderstood

Have I misunderstood something?

Is it not an international leaflet after all and is the mention "Tract international" above the text on the website a mistake?
The reference to the website was also made in the French text of previous international leaflets(1), so that is not an indication if it is an international leaflet or not.
Is it still a leaflet from the French section only?
But then why does the leaflet itself say (2) "We distribute this leaflet in all countries where our militant forces are present..."?

Please clarify !

1) Some earlier international leaflets of the ICC :
– 2011: de l'indignation à l'espoir" 12 March 2012
– COVID-19 : Barbarie capitaliste généralisée ou Révolution prolétarienne mondiale"
10 April 2020

2) On the leaflet itself, not in the article on the website :
"Courant communiste international, janvier 2022
Nous diffusons ce tract dans tous les pays où nos forces militantes sont présentes. Nous organisons également des permanences et des réunions publiques ouvertes à tous ceux qui souhaitent rencontrer et discuter avec le CCI afin de poursuivre la réflexion sur les enjeux de la situation et confronter les points de vue. You can find the press release of the CCI, the dates and themes of our public meetings and plenary sessions on our website:
(set in bold by my)

translation to follow

It is indeed an international leaflet. We will publish the English version very soon. As with the French, we will also publish a PDF version and we invite comrades to distribute it, either online or by printing out copies.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the clarification.

And of course, the request to sympathisers to help distribute the leaflet is entirely justified.

But you will have to admit that
1) something is definitely wrong when an international pamphlet first appears in one language and only later (when?) in another language,
2) this is not a good thing for the international and internationalist organisation that is the ICC.

Two more questions :
1) Surely this leaflet will be distributed, like previous international leaflets, in as many languages as possible, i.e. besides French and English, (at least) also German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Filipino and Hindi (i.e. the languages in which the ICC has regular publications or has sections active in those languages)?

2) Exceptionally, it may be a good thing to publish a text, even an international leaflet, provisionally in one language when it is absolutely impossible to do so in other languages at the same time;
But why not immediately add a clarification, an apology?

And I repeat : The ICC has repeatedly proven that it is capable of distributing international leaflets internationally, also simultaneously, in all countries where it has sections (and even in other countries).

with critical solidarity




after French (25th January) now also in English (29th January)


Now for the other languages (Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, etc. )


Hopefully next time better,with the next international leaflet at the same time in a whole series of languages.


ICC, "yes, you can "!


Good luck

Benvenuto Benvenido

Benvenuto Benvenido


after French (25th January) and English (29th January),

now also in Italian ( 29th January) and Spanish (30th January).



Bienvenue,Welcome,Benvenuto, Benvenido ,Bem-vindo , Welkom ,maligayang pagdating (?), hoş geldiniz 



after in French (25th January),in English (29th January),
in Italian (29th January) , in Spanish (30th January),in Portuguese (31st January), Dutch (3rd February) and Filipino (5th February).

And also in Turkish (2nd February).

And this although ICC has no section in Turkey any longer (Unfortunately).

Turkey is an important country, on the border of Europe and Asia, with also an important role in the struggle of the working class.

See the pamphlet "The Left Wing of the Turkish Communist Party".
See for example the struggle of the Tekel workers in 2010, with resonance in Turkey and abroad (Note 1)

And there is also the worldwide emigration of people, mostly workers, who speak, understand, read and write Turkish.

Congratulations on this translation! the moment, the afternoon of the 6th of February there is still no translation into German !

That is to say in a language that is spoken, understood, written and read by millions of people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and elsewhere (also by many immigrants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran,...).

More importantly, and I don't need to tell you this, it is also a language that has played a very important role in the struggle of the working class.
And this from the "Bund der Gerechten"("League of the Just") (immediate predecessor of the "Bund der Kommunisten")(Note 2), via the Eisenachers, via the SPD and the Second International, via the conferences of Zimmerweld (1915) and Kienthal (1916), via the KPD(S) and the Third International, via the KAPD,... to the workers' revolt in East Germany in June 1953

(to name only a few important moments).
And I don't need to tell you what an important role Germany and German will play in the struggle of the working class

And the ICC has a section in Germany and a German speaking section in Switzerland. 

And still, days after the publication in French, no translation into German.

Strange, very strange.

Or to say it in the language of Babeuf, Blanqui, Paul Lafargue, Clara Geoffroy and so many others:
"Incroyable, mais vrai."

I find it very regrettable to spend so much time and attention on this.
Time and attention that could have been better spent, for example, on the content of the leaflet or on the reading and discussion of the texts of the 24th Congress.

I repeat : 


"The ICC has repeatedly proven that it is capable of distributing international leaflets and other texts internationally, also simultaneously, in all countries where it has sections (and even in other countries)."

"Hopefully next time better, with the next international leaflet at the same time in a whole series of languages.
ICC, "yes, you can !"
Good luck"

Note 1
ICC articles related to Tekel's struggle:

More declarations of internationalist solidarity for the Tekel workers

ICConline 2010-03-18

Turkey: Solidarity with Tekel workers' resistance against government and unions! ICConline - 2010-01-21

Tekel strike: How to organise outside the unions?

ICConline - 2010-06-08

Tekel- Turkey: Passing on the experience of the class struggle

ICConline - 2010-11-30

Solidarity from Peru for the Tekel workers

ICConline - 2010-03-02

"If the unions are on our side, why are there 15,000 riot police between us and them?"

ICConline - 2010-05-22

Turkey: Solidarity call for the "Platform of struggling workers"

ICConline - 2010-05-13

Note 2
Some quotes from "On The History of the Communist League" by Friedrich Engels.
Of course, since 1847-1852 many things have changed enormously, as Engels himself said in 1885,the year of the first publication of this text.

– “German tailors were everywhere: in Switzerland, in London, in Paris.In the last-named city, German was so much the prevailing tongue in this trade that I was acquainted there in 1846 with a Norwegian tailor who had travelled directly by sea from Trondhjem to France and in the space of eighteen months had learned hardly a word of French but had acquired an excellent knowledge of German.”

– “After the centre of gravity had shifted from Paris to London, a new feature grew conspicuous: from being German, the League gradually became international.

In the workers’ society there were to be found, besides German and Swiss, also members of all those nationalities for whom German served as the chief means of communication with foreigners, notably, therefore, Scandinavians, Dutch, Hungarians, Czechs, Southern Slavs, and also Russians and Alsatians.”

– “Eccarius, as we know, was later for many years Secretary of the General Council of the International Working Men’s Association, in the General Council of which the following old League members were to be found, among others: Eccarius, Pfander, Lessner, Lochner, Marx and myself.”


First Published: Nov 12-26, 1885 in Sozialdemokrat;
Source: Marx and Engels Selected Works, Volume 3, Progress Publishers, Moscow 1970;



Welcome to the international leaflet !

Now ,6 Februar, 2022 - 21:03 , also in German