Proposal regarding the articles on the website.

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Proposal regarding the articles on the website.
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The website contains short introductory texts announcing the articles and summarizing the essence and intention of the article.
Examples (December 2021) :
- "Chinese imperialism.
Covid-19 crisis: opportunity or obstacle for China's rise?
Against the idea that China will emerge as a "winner" from the pandemic crisis, we insist that the Chinese bourgeoisie cannot escape the pressure of the economic crisis and the decomposition of capitalism."
- "Refugee crisis
Refugees drown in the Channel: the criminal is capitalism
The politicians and the media denounce the people-smuggling gangs, but only to cover their own responsibility for the growing number of migrants forced into desperate and dangerous journeys."

But if one taps on the title of the article one gets to see the full article,but the short text has disappeared.
I think it would be a good thing to leave these short texts with all the articles.
It is not an extra task,the short texts are already written anyway.
The purpose of leaving the short texts is of course not that one does not read the full article.
The purpose is to make it easier to find certain articles and passages by militants and sympathizers who almost always have to deal with lack of time and have several tasks to accomplish.
Thank you in advance, if you could.