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Welcome to the forum of the ICC
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We welcome Joan to the Forum and appreciate the contributions they have posted on this thread. We also welcome superfluouseparation to the Forum and their first contribution on this thread.

We invite both comrades to post more contributions, and maybe they can explain how they came in touch with the Forum of the ICC and what prompted them to participate.

Some more information about your political trajectory will encourage other comrades to respond to the posts you put on the forum.

The ForumTeam

--PS Apologies to Joan and Baboon for the fact that the threads they started don't appear in the list of general discussion, but only under "Active Forum Topics". We are looking into this technical problem.

It is with great delay (Note

It is with great delay (Note 1) that I am responding to the Forum Team's request.


Thank you for the welcome.


I have been "close" to the ICC for several decades,so long before this Discussion Forum started.

Before that my "political thinking" was a very bizarre mixture of anarchism (anarcho-syndicalism),third worldism,a little sympathy for Maoism,anti-militarism,regionalism,opportunism,etc.

Of course, being "close" to the ICC does not mean that I was or am always in full agreement with all the positions and all the behaviour of the ICC.

And my attitude towards the organisation was certainly not always the right one either.

I was never a member of any political organisation.

This probably has its disadvantages.

But it also has this huge advantage that I am probably much less infected than many others (who were members or close sympathisers of some 'leftist' political organisation) by the 'hidden legacy of the capitalist left'.

(See in this regard the very strong series of articles with the same title, which has now been published in whole or in part in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch.(Note 2)

Unfortunately, not long after I considered myself potentially capable, as a sympathiser, of contributing more to the activities of the organisation, there was also the coronapandemic (in addition to family problems).

It is hoped and it is also likely that in the long-term this pandemic will be a major amplifier in understanding the total bankruptcy of world capitalism and the increasingly acute need for its overthrow.

(In a way comparable to the First World War, which with all its horrors, all its human suffering and its initial paralysis and confusion of large parts of the working class, was the trigger for the international revolutionary wave of 1917-1923).

But today - I am not telling you anything new - the pandemic is a very important brake on the working class struggle (strikes, rallies, demonstrations).

Even if that brake was never absolute (See the ICC press on the working class protests at the beginning of the pandemic and the more massive workers' struggles in recent months).

The pandemic is also a very important brake on the functioning of the communist minority of the working class, the ICC in the first place.

The ICC calls (implicitly) - quite rightly - for following the advice of the medical experts ("social distancing", limiting your physical contacts, face masks, and so on).

But that also means no "physical" public meetings (often in small rooms), no presence or participation in meetings or demonstrations of others, almost exclusively on-line contacts, etc.


The motivation or the trigger to contribute to the forum now was given by the repeated proposal of at least one IKS-imilitant to do so and the slowly growing insight that the militants of one section are not able (and certainly not now) to answer all the big and small questions, doubts, etc. that I put to them.

This is understandable, given that today more than ever, with the decomposition of the society, the following is the case: "More, many more tasks than people are able to perform them."

On the Discussion Forum of the ICC, I now realise, there is of course a much larger "public", who possibly can answer my questions and concerns.

And maybe I can also provide answers myself or initiate answers to the questions and concerns of others.

This can then lead to an interesting discussion and a real contribution to understanding what is at stake, now and in the future.

It is also an international "audience", at least potentially "in the image and likeness" of the working class.

I think that participating in the discussion forum is currently one of the best ways in which I can make a modest contribution to strengthening class consciousness in the working class, to regaining the strength of the working class, so that it can ultimately fulfil its historic mission.


I can only encourage anyone who wants to discuss politics, anyone who asks questions about society and where it is going, what alternatives there are, to use the ICC discussion forum. ( Note 3)


My intention is to re-read the texts of the 24th Congress thoroughly and possibly comment on them.

For as important as the lessons of the working class past are, precisely for the future, we must deal with the many new facts and the many new developments to ensure that there is still a future for the human race.

And that means also and above all contributing as best we can to make capitalism a thing of the past as soon as possible.



I think that with this I have sufficiently answered the request of the Forum team.

Now I would like to "retire" to the ranks of the contributors to the Discussion Forum and be one of them.



Note 1

One of the reasons is that I am (have been) already quite busy with the discussion on the Forum, especially on "Kronstadt 1921".

Note 2

French : Le legs dissimulé de la gauche du capital 

Spanish : La herencia oculta de la Izquierda del Capital

Portuguese : A herança oculta da Esquerda do Capital 

German : Das verborgene Erbe der Linken des Kapitals 

Dutch : De verborgen erfenis van kapitalistisch links

Note 3

And this also applies to those with a native langue other than English or those who are not so fluent in today's world language, for whom it is certainly not obvious, let alone easy, to contribute to the ICC discussion forum.

Especially in the beginning, it will take them more time to contribute and to respond to others.

Fortunately, today there are translation systems such as 'Deeple translate', which do much more than just give a vague idea of what it is about, although they are certainly not perfect and sometimes give really stupid translations, which require human correction.

Just one example: the word party refers to both a political party (in which sense it is of course most often used by the ICC and its sympathisers/contacts) and a party,in the meaning of a festivity,a celebration.

And an all in all stupid computer can't always make that distinction, so human intervention is needed.