Migrants blocked on the Belarusian frontier:

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Migrants blocked on the Belarusian frontier:
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The tragic and sickening drowning of a rickety boat-load of men, women and children trying to get to England were certainly not the first to die in the Channel this year and this is another example of the “fortress state” or, in this case, “fortress Europe”. Lukashenko is a useful target for the west particularly in respect of imperialist rivalries but equally repellent is the role of Polish forces – now augmented by British soldiers supporting their Polish ally. Warsaw has declared a state of emergency, water, food and medical aid to migrants is denied and journalists forbidden access. Requests for asylum don’t exist and the number of people killed or dying is unknown.
Beyond the  played-up rivalries expressed by Britain and France, In southern Europe Greek and Croatian unmarked police thugs have been set up to force back asylum-seekers from Europe along with unmarked Greek elite units who put the unwanted into EU-provided orange life rafts and push them back out to sea away from European borders. Lukashenko has been accused by the EU of “instrumentalising human beings” but itself has been doing just this for years from its murderous actions in Libya under its “Khartoum Process” which also includes such countries as Eritrea, the Sudans and Ethiopia where “aid” is tied to the efficacy of these regimes in detaining and holding migrants. As reporter Kenan Malik said in the Observer last week: “To maintain Fortress Europe, the EU has funded a huge kidnap and detention industry right across Africa from the Atlantic to the Red Sea, from the Mediterranean to beyond the Sahara”.