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international and internationalist
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At the moment, the ICC website has surely one article that is very encouraging , namely
"Struggles in the United States, in Iran, in Italy, in Korea... Neither the pandemic nor the economic crisis have broken the combativity of the proletariat! (1)
It's already published in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
The fact that an article like this appears in so many different languages at the same time at the top or almost at the top of the website gives a good, a vivid picture of the truly international and internationalist character of the ICC.(2)

It is also a good counterpoint to the hopelessly nationalist and subnationalist squabbling of the bourgeoisie.One of the most recent manifestations of which is the fact that many South Africans now feel "betrayed" and "punished" by the elimination of many air flights to and from South Africa and a decline in tourism as a result of the rapid announcement by South Africa of the presence in the country of Omikron, a new variant of covid-19.

This while a pandemic = an epidemic on a world scale can only be fought effectively also on a world scale.
And that is precisely what capitalism, despite all its international organisations (UNO and all its subsidiaries, OECD,...), is unable to do.

(1) Perhaps later more content on the article.

(2) Of course, there is still room for improvement.
For example, by quickly and accurately displaying the P.O. box addresses in the various countries on the website and in the publications of the ICC.
This is important for the very many people on earth who do not have access to digital resources or who are not (yet) at home in the "digital world", especially also in these times of corona, when meeting each other physically at demonstrations, strikes, meetings, markets, etc. is so much more difficult or simply impossible.