A day in the life of a communist 'anti-vaxxer'

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A day in the life of a communist 'anti-vaxxer'
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I should start by saying I'm not anti-vaccines, or even neccessarily these vaccines - what I fear is the network of surveillance and division which is to come with vaccine passports.

Everyday I wake up and hear more about these ''vaccine passports''. Ghouls like Blair push these things as our 'road to liberty'.

I see onliine arguments back and forth, some think 'people like me' should be excluded from work and social life, others don't. I sit there and wonder, when did I become a biohazard? Am I now an 'anti-social' element? 

And to see those who are supposed to be my comrades, essentially ambivalent about the capitalist state excluding millions from social life, honestly it don't feel great. To think I mighn't be allowed to go to any kind of cultural event, or visit my family members, most of whom reside in another country, doesn't feel great. To think I might struggle to get another job, that don't feel great.

Currently I'm working from home, though we might be returning to the office. Would I even be allowed? Will my colleagues ostracise me?

And every day, the media pushes the idea that one cannot be a full member of society without accepting this vaccine. Who knows what capabilities these digital passport apparatus' will have?

Millions of people are going to basically be getting this jab with zero confidence just so they can 'get their lives back'. 

And each day, the great unwashed, the vaccine refusniks like me feel more ill and more isolated.