Finally! Unions begin to question 'No Jab No Job'

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Finally! Unions begin to question 'No Jab No Job'
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Just seen that many unions are no starting to speak up against 'No Jab No Job' policies. I know the ICC position is that unions are little more than organs to contain dissent, rather than express it but it can't be denied that they do at least 'respond' to the concerns of workers.

I think if we're seeing unions which cover the health/care sectors speaking out against 'no jab, no job' then we're certain to see other sectors of workers reject this.

Communists have always resisted State repression which follows terrorist acts. Will the ICC reject the insane security culture of phenomena like 'no jab, no job' which is needlessly divisive?

Workers are not chattel

Surprised that no-one else thinks that mandatory vaccination of workers is worth commenting on.

I won't be taking the vaccine under any circumstances. Should I be made a second class citizen?

Have the ICC really not got anything to say on this particular issue? Something which has the potential to create a whole segment of workers regarded by the rest of society as 'the great unwashed?'

Solidarity indeed!