Britain ruled by the waves

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Britain ruled by the waves
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A few thoughts on the astonishing situation in Britain at the moment where, amongst all its elements, the dominant expression is one of the decomposition of capitalism and its superstructures. The article on the vandalism of the British government talks about the concentration of power in a small number of hands and Dominic Cummings was a handy scapegoat for the government clique. But, in reality, there was a very small clique from the Conservative Party in power in the early 1980's and, in my opinion, they helped set up the defeat of a major movement of the working class a few years later and where in a situation of the Left in Opposition, they provoked and crushed a pivotal strike with a mixture of trade union corporatism and whatever force at whatever cost necessary. Small cliques have real power in the state particularly when they are seen by its other elements that they are acting in the national interest, which was definitely the case in the 80's. The difference today is the difference of period where this small clique is chaotic, short-term, irrational and prone to division and acts of destruction bearing the marks of decomposition. The "vandals" article is clear about this.

This destruction is like a virus itself and the article above makes the point about how more recently Britain has contributed to the break-up of the old international order. Its now withdrawn Withdrawal Agreement amendment, putting national interest above the legality of international trade deals, was adopted by the Australian parliament and the Russian Duma a couple of weeks ago. While Britain has kept up its military commitments to the US - and will continue to - the Downing Street clique invested big-time in Donald Trump. With all their weekly comings and goings across the Atlantic, British ministers and their advisors rarely met any Democrats and that will not be forgotten by the Americans. Even if Trump had stayed in power tensions would have risen over any greater interference in the "Peace Process" which the US, including many Republicans, regards as a US achievement. Biden's election has given Britain more problems than opportunities it would seem.

"English nationalist" sums up whatever ideology this clique possesses and this means further centrifugal tendencies and divisions, devolution and a move towards a "United Ireland" - which the Biden administration would not be averse to. There's the blatant corruption, the criminal negligence, the utter incompetence and while the divisions and many of the problems within the bourgeoisie will not at all serve the interests of the working class - far from it - like workers everywhere, there has been a distinct "appearance" of the working class in recent travails and it has followed events very closely.

So much for "herd immunity" by the way; the science that never was.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

What do they fear?

We are living in very strange times in the UK.

I don't think the ruling class here have any clue what they are doing. I think at the start of the crisis they panicked about a potential crisis and they are continuing to panic now. The UK lurches from one crisis and panic to another. I think Hillel Ticktin is spot on when he says the ruling class don't have a strategy for capitalism they simply muddle through. They do not understand their own system. They do not fear the working class taking control of it or a transition to socialism because they don't comprehend that posibility. They fear the system itself, I think they know that they don't and can't control it in any meaningful way. I was genuinely quite shocked by the sums of money the government have pumped into the system during this crisis when you consider the previous regime of austerity. It was thought by some they wanted to go back to 19h century working conditions....this would have been the Ideal crisis for that but what's happened instead? The Tories have apparently protected businesses and jobs. Obviously not everyone had been protected The UK could have let countless businesses go to the wall with thousands upon thousands instantly out of work. Why not? They fear the chaos of the system. And what that would potentially unleash.

Here in Wales where we're back in lockdown people are pretty fed up but follow the rules quite strictly. Wales being generally conservative, inward looking and provincial. In the long run and short term it will lead the people further right as they complain about the leftist' Scrooge in charge ruining their Christmas, New Year's, economy and Wales in general. 

With there seemingly no way out of this covid crisis/panic a no deal Brexit and now border disputes and potential shortages as I type this... where will it all end?




Bordiga Great Alibi

It occurs to me a parallel could be drawn with the Holocaust. Bordiga argued that a section of the middle class was being destroyed by capital. Isn't that what's happening in the UK and perhaps on a world scale? Small and medium size businesses will go bankrupt, the proletariat will grow in size and big capital will ultimately gain. There's always winners and losers of course even at the top. But that is the general outcome of our current situation? 

Just a thought. I am in no way trying to be insensitive to the horrors of the Holocaust or genocide in general. 


Reply to radicalchains

Small and medium size businesses will go bankrupt, the proletariat will grow in size and big capital will ultimately gain.

You're quite right - I think this is what we're seeing. Not only that, but I'm inclined to think that this is deliberate policy.