[ICC article] Second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic: the impotence of all states and governments!

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[ICC article] Second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic: the impotence of all states and governments!
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Deuxième vague de la pandémie de Covid-19: l’impuissance de tous les États et des gouvernements!

Pay attention to the vocabulary! There is no second wave, but a new epidemic with a new variant after a period when Europe was below the epidemic threshold. "Second wave" is a politico-journalistic expression which does not belong to the vocabulary of science.

There is no correlation between the intensity of the containment and the death rate, NONE. The curfews and containment measures are exclusively political measures of social control and have nothing to do with controlling the epidemic.

Covid-19 Mortality: A Matter of Vulnerability Among Nations Facing Limited Margins of Adaptation

Due to comorbidities and age, more than 80% of people who died from covid had a life expectancy of less than 1 year.

Pourquoi meurt-on du COVID-19? (minute 7:30)

It is FALSE to say that the capitalist state seeks to preserve maximum profits. What we are seeing is an explosion in the turnover of some companies while that of other companies completely collapses. Globally, world GDP has contracted, and so has the profit rate.

What we observe is that the state favors certain companies (pharmaceuticals, online commerce, online advertising and online services, mass media, etc.) to the detriment of other companies (energy, transport, steel, plastics, large and small distribution, restaurants, theater, sports, etc.).

The sanitary measures taken are not "insufficient". They are absurd. It is scientifically proven, by experimental measurements and by objective observations, that the virus is not transmitted by aerosols (micro-droplets suspended in the air). On the other hand, it is transmitted by the hands, the food, the surface and the things contaminated by the expectoration or the stools of sick people.

Therefore, washing hands and cleaning surfaces after sick people, especially after WC, is of paramount importance. Persons responsible for cleaning the surfaces, objects and linen of sick persons must be protected. Sick people should not prepare the common meal. Only sick people should be isolated.

Conversely, wearing a mask outdoors or wearing a mask by people who do not expectorate or who are not in direct contact with patients or objects, laundry or surfaces contaminated by them are completely and absolutely unnecessary.

It is not a precautionary measure, it is scientific ignorance at best, paranoia at worst.

To say that "class struggle can end all pandemics" is nonsensical. This is not respecting the reader to write such a thing. Attention!