Self-embargo on HCQ in France! Insider trading at € 1 billion in EU!

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Self-embargo on HCQ in France! Insider trading at € 1 billion in EU!
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Didier Raoult confirms in his weekly video that the IHU-Mediterrannée could no longer obtain complete deliveries of HCQ from Sanofi! The drug is now rationed for patients, which can impact both covid and non-covid patients. Communicating with the highest authorities of Sanofi, Didier Raoult learned that the Ministry of Health had given secret instructions to the company to limit its deliveries to the IHU. Didier Raoult requested confirmation from the ministry.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health is directly promoting remdesivir by offering the product for free to hospitals, and is opening up its internal mailbox and address book to Gilead to distribute free advertising to establishments. European Union must flow the stock of remdesivir who was buy for one billion euros from Gilead! European Union finalized the purchase of 500,000 treatment unities of remdesivir (€ 2,000 per unities! For a treatment that costs less than $10 to produce (1)!), just before the publication of the WHO Solidarity clinical trial, establishing formally the ineffectiveness and toxicity of remdesivir. Gilead could not not have known: this is massive insider trading! And Gilead is powerful enough to influence the ministry to pressure another company selling the competing drug!

Who received the money from Gilead? The TV pundits who spit on the HCQ and Didier Raoult have all received honoraria from Gilead, but there is more: politicians, senior officials, journalists and other people probably received money and benefits too, to allow the purchase of Remdesivir by the European Union. When you conclude a sale of a billion euros, 100,000 euros here, 100,000 euros there, that's not to much!

We are sitting on a huge corruption scandal, in order to perform an insider trading at 1 billion euros!

(1) "The cost of producing remdesivir was estimated by a Journal of Virus Eradication study to be less than $ 1 per day of treatment ($ 0.93)" The entire treatment lasts 10 days ($9.30).